On the unit website optimization method

this site is not officially started in the training class, has made a good start using the website, the domain name has a history of four years. At that time the situation is: the basic published an article, ten minutes should be included. Because the training class did not start, so the key words did not define, so in the fall in love with the sea has a very good effect.

2, the chain and the chain to share. The classification of information, space and so on all segments of the chain.

The previous

this is my now work site, unit is mainly engaged in computer related training. But the boss made me responsible for the site, or now the rankings, really sorry. Now talk about the past and present.

: the first revision of the website to me. Well, maybe this is the bad start. Not long after the revision, website published an article not included.

4, page layout: the main focus on the training of related courses, this highlights the selected keywords.

, 3. Because the training competition of the industry is quite large, if home related to Beijing, is certainly not. I used here is a region, so that the competition is much smaller. But also for.


second: the original site of data loss, lead content is re added. And from the home page to all the pages are new.

I concluded that: the web site keywords layout + fixed update + + Chain website + stable operation and reasonable reasonable every day. This article by 贵族宝贝hanlinwang.org

third: buy server problems every day. Often cannot open. All of this should have experience with



in contributions!

server: 1, re purchase the server. The current is basically stable. And make a backup, so do not have to worry about the server problem ah, website has become new.


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