Linkedn founder start-ups should not talk about business models too soonThe interpretation of datin


people are always thinking too much about business models. As a result, when you are a seed company, asked "outside your business model is?" but in fact, seed companies like feeling the stones of the people, if you think that felt some opportunities and confident about the business model, then you are wrong, because the world is changing.

Reid Hoffman is committed to the research field including consumer Internet, mobile phone, enterprise 2, social games, online marketing, mobile payment and social networks and so on, he preferred to those with millions of audience products and can bring the network effects of the project. He is a member of the board of directors with LinkedIn, Tagged,, Winster, Globant, Sopkick, Zynga and West, Coast, Advisory, Board, etc..

SNS full name is social networking service, Chinese literal translation is "social network service", in the eyes of the public, SNS has become a network of friends and the concept of synonymous, but in fact the SNS concept has been far beyond the simple social network service, through content with the platform system participants created independently, the application of SNS has been able to extend to multiple levels on the internet. In the development of Chinese SNS technology has just started, in the Chinese fire class SNS website social networking site is the main online dating site, this is also the reason why there are a lot of people SNS website is equivalent to the dating website. In fact, SNS types of dating sites and traditional dating sites still have some differences, the theoretical basis of the SNS website is the first six degrees of separation theory is also called the small world theory, its essence is "between you and any stranger interval not be more than six people, that is to say, the most by six people you can know any of a stranger." The mode of making friends is the transfer mode of knowing friends through friends. The traditional dating patterns of dating sites are usually personal, personal, and out of the way. Dating websites have developed in China today, and so are the two camps. Usually, people in the industry call it "serious dating" and "making friends with life". I think it is more appropriate to call it "communication" and "making friends". The former is to follow the six dimensional theory, in a transmission mode formed a private circle, to find Birds of a feather flock together. "effect, in China this kind of website is usually the communication partners or business opportunities in business, such as" liaison "," zhanzuo". While traditional dating sites follow the radiation type dating mode, looking for is usually their friends or partners, such as Jiayuan dating network". And such as "MOP friends", " group" this comprehensive community of friends, it is difficult to define the mode of making friends.

problem?A typical example is the business model, says

I think our success lies in the fact that no one has ever regarded us as a terminator, and we have never been burdened with such a heavy expectation. People can’t predict what will happen in the next second or where we will go in the future, so it will be less difficult for LinkedIn to go beyond what others expect.

when asked why LinkedIn was able to achieve such an ideal performance in IPO, Hoffman said it was due to their low profile.

Reid Hoffman is a co sponsor of LinkedIn and a partner of venture capital Greylock. He has always been able to provide pertinent advice to entrepreneurs and the public, and recently published his new book, The Startup of You. Reid Hoffman Disrupt SF recently attended the 2012 conference, in the background when TechCrunch asked him a question: for entrepreneurs, whether there is some of this should not consider them but he always remembered the


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