Mao Hongliang the chain promotion sex of Shanghai products carefully

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can only say that this is a cup, knowing that love is hate Shanghai so you can link, must in the "tiger" on the head of hair, you HEZUI? Of course, some have been described, but these days in the webmaster forums we are discussing this issue before the net station good, now is more or less punishment. Stationmaster crazy in love with her in Shanghai Post Bar posted links, he thinks the love of Shanghai Post Bar high weight, so sometimes even change IP, change ID posts with links.

love Shanghai space blog, you can start to reprint some links with the article, even if you pseudo original, it included all is very good, but after a period of time, you send the article with the URL link, sorry. IM SORRY, love Shanghai eat spiders do not intend to spit it out, because you hurt friendly love rules of the Shanghai space. A good blog because of a web site for you, love Shanghai in limbo. Since you want to play this game, then please follow the rules of the game.

loves Shanghai Post Bar, Wikipedia, know, space and so on, these love Shanghai products, especially the love of Shanghai know, his weight is the webmaster we all see. The article is almost seconds. In the Post Bar on hair with the link, will encounter a few seconds of machine audit. If love is Shanghai’s own links, such as space, Wikipedia, basic will pass. But it is difficult to say, sometimes even their own love Shanghai link will audit.

, love Shanghai Post Bar post link is quite difficult, but this is not entirely, sometimes also can send up the night before zero after posting by. Now even if you made a second day in the dead of night, Shanghai will know to delete your post, you why? Some posts with the same URL, one does not go up, then directly deleted. Look at your quick action, or love Shanghai Post Bar fast


love Shanghai know is a good stuff, but will use the mostly network promotion company, as well as part of the network Navy, basically the whole network up, most of them are in the form of question and answer. Is to promote a marketing mode, the weight of love Shanghai know is very high, if one day you went to Shanghai: love also know, raise a question — who know what is my domain name. And then? "

love is hate Shanghai as can be imagined, how the link. This involves the core algorithm of search engines love Shanghai, the chain site will give high weight, this is inevitable, but not normal, unhealthy links, Shanghai will try to stop love. A write entry in the Encyclopedia of Shanghai love, after several times after editing the links to your web site to write up, the beginning is very happy, but later found their website previously ranked very high, since the encyclopedia after the home page weight fell, even K off part of the page, the snapshot is very hard to keep up.

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