Talk about those websites hacked



most often we usually know best is black, should belong to the kind of replace the front page or in the site directory upload a black, this is very common at home and abroad have such black submit statistics site, such as domestic black site statistics.



last May made a speech at the Chengdu university security salon, is talking about the contents of the red and black


today think, put some things out of the details today, mainly talked about the website was hacked

hacker why to do so, we do not say first, back up

dark chain does not affect the display page, page will not damage the pattern, not a jump, by setting the link hacker is not visible on the page, but to actually exist, can view the source code. The usual way is like setting the CSS, the div is not visible, the div margin is negative, as long as do not see in the page on the line. General position in the bottom or top of the source code.

side engage media buddy more and more, lost and lonely, think themselves often have some ideas, so find the known buddy opened a column, also made a public account of WeChat (WeChat search public account 0xsafe or scan the QR code below)

, dark chain

let’s look at two pictures

this is definitely not the idle F12 to modify the code, but the author of a Firefox setting is changed, the truth is shown in figure

black general exists only in the home.

is black

The first kind of This is You don’t know who

second, UA

in general is black, there are three cases, three cases is similar, Shanghai dragon. Why? Don’t tell you how specific?. A joke, see below

URL in big data

with a web site, two kinds of interface

we have been accustomed to see the black

this is not difficult to understand the black, penetration site, through a variety of ways to upload webshell, then upload it is black, this is the general purpose is for black black station pure, revenge, something like propaganda. The Malaysia Airlines, Malaysia Airlines official website’s EDM station is a 4z1 Malaysia black hacker, the hacker message "I’m From Malaysia But I Dare Not Admit" to the Malaysia government deliberately conceal the truth, dare not admit the truth. This is a common black.

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