Shanghai dragon core theorem the combination of theory and practice to optimize the bumpy road to ov

Shanghai dragon is a troublesome work

artists are all female, every day with a Photoshop draw pictures, have no idea to go to some of the material resources station search, to search for things can only give yourself a little inspiration, figure out a design effect of the customer is not satisfied, the days work is to do

said he is simple compared to the programmers and artists who, our company, I rarely heard outside the technology development department in addition to the keyboard sound development is a very brainer, often because of a mistake, or forget the character in a day when an error is discovered I hate not to give up myself a few times, where they met a station or enterprise had developed the web site is a luxury to moment! Often work overtime are the basic procedures

Er, for me, is my daily work time, work time, the hands are promoting three sites, about an hour or so to add some content to the site, two or three hours of time to do some outside the chain, the rest of the time is to analyze the website the data, in a good mood to write the soft Wen, the mood is not good to go take a look at the Internet news, deepen your Shanghai Longfeng level! I feel Shanghai dragon is a very simple


my last job, but also work in a network company, Shanghai company to do the dragon on my own, at that time the company’s list is very much, I am a person with 7 sites, I every day in the hair of the chain, the workload is small, ranking also had the change, but when a month ranked distance is far, this time his resources had run out of ammunition and food supplies, can be used on me are used, the clerk when you see me always ask ranking, and I would just say

Shanghai dragon

Shanghai dragon !

is a simple


if used in the right way, it is a very simple work, if just start >

!Shanghai dragon

did not, only to find, to find Links, 7 websites every day to do 3-5, looking for Links Shanghai dragon know, find a suitable link is not so simple! Looking for links to some time every day, the rest of the time to send the chain, registration information platform again, information, time to site to update the content, content and pseudo original! For a period of time that I was the most difficult day!

felt the title of this article is awesome, but his literary talent is not good enough, think for a long time, how to write the beginning, the head is full……. The first use of unscrupulous friends saying: I am a Shanghai dragon Er, and everyone is the same, just as you do in your business, when you engage in accounting, design, Shanghai dragon is only an occupation, is a kind of occupation in the tens of millions, only this.

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