Some experience on the website title writing to share

3, title as smooth sentences rather than on words, I think the title is not too rigid, should be the important key words in coherent sentences appear, rather than rigid to a few key words in title, although the search engine and said, this is not what is different, but for users, with the keyword phrases more popular.

1 word limit, search engine included dozens of Chinese characters of title, but the search engine can only display 25 Chinese characters in Shanghai, love the search results in more than 25 Chinese characters after title is not fully demonstrated, in order to ensure that your title can 100% are displayed the best in the Title Control in the 20 following Chinese characters, including spaces and punctuation symbols, a complete and a Chinese characters occupy the position is the same.

4, suggesting that website brand, the brand is a sign of a website, must be in title to cash out, for example, the domain name is: www.***贵族宝贝, and title name: Bread net, this is a very good brand publicity, the latest TV drama, in order to do "the new TV series" the word ranking, but at the same time we can the brand promotion and marketing of "bread".

5, not exaggerated propaganda, now many products are in the website, exaggerate the effect, title said the product described as if it were raining flowers, very good, boasts that how to 100 products, achieve what kind of effect, these are false propaganda, misleading to consumers. In order to sell something, the seller intentionally boast of product efficacy, for consumers is a kind of irresponsible behavior, although the search engine for this website does not make the punishment, but the false propaganda can easily be complaints, the adverse impact on the website.

established dozens of websites, wrote dozens of times from title, accumulated some experience, dare not say your writing is absolutely correct, but for beginners, there should be some help.

2, do not stack keywords, keyword density superposition is not to improve Shanghai dragon ranking, this is a misleading, even if you are a keyword repeated dozens of times in a title, the website ranking no help, and may be the search engine drop right, drop the right not down the right things, the key is you have the same keyword stuffing together, do not play any optimization effect, also affect the appearance of title, the blogger is really can not understand, why are people so stupid, deliberately in the title stack keywords.

6, don’t impersonate the brand site, if not on the official site, don’t nonsense, just get a product that is the official website, how can so many official website where, themselves as the official site, it is in order to confuse consumers, let consumers when.

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