Shanghai Longfeng user experience competition has come to implicit demand mining


search engines have been developed to be very mature, so the user experience of the website ranking leading trend more and more obvious, remember when two years ago everyone singing "content is king, the chain for the emperor". This rarely hear people shouting the slogan, in the article are very difficult to see this sentence disappeared, the reason is because the search engine has evolved, link to the site’s ranking influence more and more low. Buy the friends link I believe that this feeling is very strong, and I will continue to determine the future of the chain reduce the influence of the rankings, content is king is actually a relatively broad sentence, the author thinks that the content is the foundation, everyone needs to have a good content, then get out the promotion, website user groups really, this is an important index of a successful web site.

now the potential demand why everyone users have good mining which is a very important reason is that the correlation between the page and page. Everybody in the link, or do the electricity supplier sites in the recommended time to consider the most is the correlation between the product and the product, the link time is also considering the correlation between the article and the article, while ignoring the potential demand for the most important. In fact, the correlation is a false proposition, in the relationship between friends are standing in the search engine’s point of view, but not the real user experience, mining implicit demand more powerful is that the user does not know the circumstances, you give instructions, at this time the user will thank you.

is certainly worth doing Shanghai Longfeng personnel problems, in fact, do Shanghai dragon also need to consider the conversion rate. Of course, if the pure stand in the perspective of ranking recommended notebook computer peripheral products is reasonable, but not related products, you imagine, if the user in the purchase of a product directly off your page, the search engine will determine the viscosity is bound to your site is not very good, if you recommend products what he needed, then he will certainly be click browse. It can not only increase the site stickiness, bring a better experience, but also can promote the sales of Why not?, shoot two hawks with one arrow

through the analysis of the above I believe we all understand the real competition between sites should be the competition of the user experience, that is implicit demand who better to mining user than anyone else, but also can be said to be the potential demand. For example, the current site has a biggest drawback is the call of related products in the page or product page, for example, we bought a laptop computer on the site, this time I have to buy, I don’t need you to recommend the brand or type of computer. While I was with the implicit demand related computer peripheral products, such as computer, mouse, keyboard, computer products, protective film of this kind, I bought a computer in case I can’t buy a computer. What is the potential demand for me? It is worth every electronic commerce or business people is worth pondering.

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