Talk to some Links can not be ignored

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in the A5 Adsense nets above have seen many similar on the Links note article, while the majority are in quality quantity, write Links, cheating, these articles and too many to count a commonplace talk of an old scholar, when we exchange chain just to meet these problems? How can we really do a two-way link the website, improve website weight, improve keyword rankings, just today is in charge of website Links finishing, and join together to discuss, the following is a summary of our personal Links exchange in a few points can not be ignored:


three, the domain name suffix

Select the

in fact when we exchange Links, without considering other site domain name suffix choice, in fact, is closely related to the website domain name suffix and Shanghai dragon, we all know that.Gov, org, edu, domain name in the search engine weight than the general domain name high, while the domain name weight.Cn no贵族宝贝 domain name, because贵族宝贝 is an international domain name, and.Cn is the domain name, so.

two, keywords competition degree

believes that many webmaster in exchange Links, some Shanghai dragon Er will be asked to change the other keywords, some directly to the name of the web site keywords, in fact, there is a saying about the key words heat, if the other site is very hot, the degree of competition is very large, so for our site should not have any benefits I think the first search engine to determine the weight of the website according to the data of the keywords ranking, given the weight of our web site at the end of the day, if the keyword index has reached tens of thousands or even higher, words are very hot, we still recommend a change request.

in fact when we exchange links, may be a hard link to talk down the high weight, high PR, of course, very happy, and the most error prone areas is the final step of keywords to other sites, some owners think it does not matter, in fact, on the party website to choose the key words to great influence on the site, such as the main keywords of our website is: Wine Merchants Network, then we talk down the keywords of linked sites is the best beverage or investment type, as shown below, the international wine merchants network chain show, if the other site is keywords beauty method, game Daquan, such words will the impact site rankings largely, we should all know the importance of the site, and Links is the site outside the chain of high quality way A, so the first spider will judge whether the link keywords and website related, if not related, the weight to be given is not high, so when you exchange links or to pay attention to the following.

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