What is the bread crumbs navigation and what is the role of

5, the convenience of users, bread crumbs, mainly used to provide secondary navigation method of a website for users to provide a breadcrumb path through all the pages for a large multi site, users can locate more easily to a directory, guide the user access;

6, reduce the return to a page or click on the operation of the main navigation without the use of the browser’s "back" button or website to return to the previous page;

the bread crumbs navigation


4, noble baby has a breadcrumb will integrate into the search results, so the optimal name breadcrumb navigation at every level, the use of multiple keywords, can achieve the optimization of Shanghai dragon. The breadcrumb path, to improve the user experience, is very helpful.

3, provides a quick return on every level entrance, convenient operation.

2, reflects the hierarchy of website, can help users quickly learn and understand the content and organization, so as to form a good sense of position

"breadcrumbs" from a "Haensel and Gretel" fairy tale, when Haensel and Gretel through the forest, accidentally lost, but they found along the way through the place all over the bread crumbs, let these bread crumbs to help them find the way home, so. Breadcrumb navigation function is told the visitors in the website of their current position and how to return.

in fairy tales, the crumbs that Haensel went into the forest road secretly planted, this is a kind of application of "history", the purpose is to help you come back, so it should be a linear method of navigation. But in the "application" trace antecedents "this thing the browser has done well, so" breadcrumbs "slowly became used to express the interface elements content ownership relations, the main classification of > is that we often see"; a classification of > the two class three grade class > classification of >…… > the final content page in such a way. But the normal speaking directory structure consists of 3 layers of structure. Are the > home page column page content page; >. The reasonable construction of the directory structure allows users to find their location whenever and wherever possible and can ensure the weight of each column after the classification is not too dispersed. At the same time also gets more than 3 hits visitors have yet to find the needed information in many web site about the user experience of the survey report, the visitor has great possibility to leave the site. So, the 3 layer is the directory structure of the browsing experience needed.

1, allowing users to understand the current position, and the position of the current page in the website of the.

7, do not often occupy the screen space, because they are usually arranged horizontally and the simple style, breadcrumbs not occupy too much space in the page. Such.

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