The Spark Program webmaster how to adopt the correct strategy of original

for the original understanding, I’m afraid each have their own ideas? Although love Shanghai clearly pointed out that the advantages of high-quality original resources standard is: "this website first, the content and form of non copy, have unique resources; this site first, and has a social consensus on the value of the resources, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the state; two reprint and simple processing content is not within this range, but the station will have a set of their own as the original strategy. After all these years after optimization concept in China rapid development, website development trend has been in the explosive, the Internet is filled with a blocked web site optimization in the rankings, guide today, traffic is everything, even the original owners in accordance with the contents of love in Shanghai, probably more or think about how to get more traffic, and then get more orders for the enterprise. Original in the implementation process, will inject some water, can improve the user experience is hard to say.

webmasters will hold the psychological luck, especially under the pressure of fierce competition in the enterprise and industry, the optimization strategy is difficult to obtain satisfactory recognition of the industry. With more than a love of Shanghai, will increase the original article support, and focus on solving some drawbacks of the current web site operators, and strive to provide users with a healthy Internet environment. Some clever webmaster can always find the first time algorithm to set a loophole, but the original strategy of their own. The seemingly clever website can also get good rankings and flow in the short term, can continue to be in the original and the value of the site optimization a new direction of development, in Shanghai continue to hold high respect for the original love under the banner of the algorithm’s ability to identify the precise time future, the so-called law loopholes in the end will only self deception. Even though fortunately fool search engines, users pay more attention to the individual needs in today, without the user’s support website ranking is the only flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum. Therefore, owners still need to treat the original station carefully, to cater to the new algorithm of search engine.

1. original consciousness change: first in the station of the original is not necessarily the website optimization or editing >

note that any mechanical execution although it will not bring big loss to the website, but it is difficult to get a breakthrough, the content of the website also needs to pay attention to some of the original policy:

with emphasis on the value of the site itself love Shanghai algorithm after the reform, especially the launch of the original spark program, let the webmaster once again feel the love of Shanghai Internet campaign worsening ecological environment determination. Before the webmasters in the station for the construction, more or less have taken a pseudo original or reproduced in the way of love, although Shanghai has been promoting the website development to the original value, may be subject to the algorithm itself is not perfect and the webmaster are lazy, in the station of the original degree and the value has not been resolved. Fortunately, love Shanghai timely launch of the original spark program, forcing the original content owners to the construction of high quality in order to survive to.

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