Yang Lin Shanghai Dragon how to quickly analyze competitor website

Yang Lin: Shanghai dragon tells you how to analyze the opponent’s station, before optimizing a website, we have to analyze the competitor’s website, analysis of the web site is a required course, often need to analyze the top three web sites, except for Shanghai love their own products, to see how the competition website of Shanghai Dragon technology to the competitor’s website comprehensive understanding, familiar words, the enemy can battle unbeaten.


website work well, can not see who is on site outside the chain, we can see competitors outside is not high quality, even YAHOO top-level domain name how many, how many pages.

we want to see the competition website article is original or false original, pseudo original for the website is negative, then we can beat him with the original article.

looked at his page has no junk code, is in accordance with the user experience, can give users a good impression, whether the user can find what he wants in the shortest time.

5. update frequency

The quality of

competition website is not every day in the update article, or a long time not to update, to update the site every day, the spider will every day to come to this site, because the search engine spiders love, hard-working webmaster.



1.Keywords the number

site access speed

view competition website, how TITLE tags and descriptions written, is not reasonable words, there is no keyword stuffing phenomenon, see the competition website keyword density, to see how other website long tail keywords optimization, is not the station has become a spider web.

site layout

6. website


7. website

Keywords Some of the other


opened his website is not very fast, but also very long time isn’t open, access is slow enough to explain his server or space, website server space speed is very influence ranking.

is an old name for a station for the weight is high, the search engine for the new domain name weight will be kept to a minimum, so the old domain name ranking will be better, but if your site is stronger than him, then your keywords ranking naturally in front of him.


3. domain

PR value is Google, but he also represents a weight of the site.

website included many pages, web site and page is proportional to, if is proportional to that search engine love this website, the website ranking will be improved, whether it is the new website snapshot.

‘s search engine.

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