Yishui how to play the role of promotion of enterprise search engine

now, the information presentation of the search engine we see, but two: natural ranking bidding and optimization, either, they are the core keywords, so our first step is to collect key words, sorting keywords, keywords classification according to the heat, after doing these, we take two steps, the first step: do the bidding, open account, reasonable structure account, submit written words, advertisement and so on, the second step: site optimization, the optimization is not only a few keywords ranking, more to do is the long tail word ranking, after doing these, we analyzed daily flow data, when a good ranking keywords, we optimize the long tail word arrived home, we will consider removing the word love inside the Shanghai auction, daily observation, adjustment, optimization, competing to till the end The price as the search engine promotion mode, the purpose is to let the industry 90% words can be displayed in the search engine, either by bidding or optimization, do so in order to seize more customers.

monopoly search engine, we can not open a lot of bidding to do the promotion, unless your business is very rich, we can do stations, stations can be divided, according to industry categories such as: the decoration industry, we have a station, but we will build several other stations, respectively, in the home office decoration, store decoration, building decoration, the decoration of the hotel website such as the center, a keyword corresponds to a web site, were optimized, and optimization methods as above, this website is to refine the industry website, customers see this kind of website will feel very professional, a sense of trust. If our enterprise industry itself is very small, so we don’t need refinement, direct website, keywords and the main website almost, but note that in the optimization of the content can not be repeated, and other sites do not too prominent enterprise information website, the style, the style should have a very clear distinction, do not connect separate between websites. To do, do, must be very careful to optimize the time, fix will be considered by the K station group, when the optimization time is very good, the customer to search for a word the top 5 is your site, the customer cannot run away, similarly, those who can not optimize up and have a certain value of the words, we use the bidding to supplement >

first, as a business, I think it is best to have a marketing type website construction, website marketing type is the product or service to the center of the site, customers enter the site, feel is professional, can let customers have the desire to buy, if not a website like this, all after the promotion can not produce sales, to bring business.

Third step

said that many enterprises in the promotion, so many promotion, search engine promotion is the key, I think if we can do the search engine, the business must have a qualitative change, of course, the premise is our product or service is suitable for promotion in the search engine, Yishui Shanghai Shanghai dragon according to the actual studio today to explain, how to make your product or service search engine monopoly.

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