Wenzhou Shanghai Longfeng enterprises how to optimize the station optimization

chain which is now becoming more and more difficult, and the change in algorithm is more and more strict, the chain weight of a lot of places to reduce, but the enterprise stand for, do.

is the first to talk about new sites included the problem, new sites included the previous work if you do it, the three major labels (title, keywords, description) you’ve written it, the layout of the keywords you do it, as well as the station structure optimization, dead links have you check H1 Tags, the use of nofollow? Whether you are a flexible label on it, the content of the website is to enrich the readability and is not absolutely empty? If you these are you ready so I think we can submit to the search engine page, of course will not be included, but with high weight and high quality of the chain appropriate to attract spiders included effect is good, before I wrote an article "the high weight site quickly attract spiders included in the new method", we can in my Blog look!

is known to love Shanghai algorithm has been improved, the new test is more and more strict, the optimization of any site since they are aimed at search engine optimization, it must adapt to the change of the search engine, usually many enterprises station in Shanghai Longfeng OR are faced with the problem: new sites included slowly. The assessment period, the construction of the chain difficult effect is low, some keywords not easy for these rankings and so on, I also have my own bidding.


to talk about the content of it, in the early if you best is original or at least to the original, the more refined in this is love, Shanghai has been promoting the original and quality content. Many people say that the original is very difficult, so today I will tell you a good way, in fact, the original is really very simple, is to use your own words to express their thought by means of words. Good can, of course the language is the best modification to let others understand Kazakhstan, really have no idea that find the article after reading it with your own words it can be.

included problem fix, then entered the study review period, in this period of time you want to let search engine to trust your station, only a short period of time to obtain better included, how specific this period do, believe that most know is nothing more than a station to update the contents of the building, the chain, and the chain of exchange and so on, the truth who all understand, the key is execution, then some of the details, not to say what the details determine success or failure.

the author before writing this article has been wondering how to write to write some easy to understand, how to write will be accepted by most people, all in all, this writing is also a Tucao me, for Shanghai dragon optimization, believe each Shanghai dragon OR has its own a set of optimization methods. Then the author today on how to optimize their business station to do some simple analysis.

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