Zhang Fan teach you how to prevent Links no friendship

3. Links not included or itself does not transmit weight

when you exchange Links, some owners to sign the name of three links, request to your site with his website A link, and then let you use the link to his website B, and then in the state three to link than two-way link to.

1. exchange Links, delete the other link


we all know that the weight is passed through the link. Since you can transfer, that lead to some webmaster do not want to transfer the weight of his website to you, deliberately reduce weight Links. The weight can be obtained through the website structure make Links page reduced, there are nofollow tags in the link, there is only put on your Links and no other links to the page where you Links. The best Links can be part of the site structure, to get the normal weight.


some Adsense is in under the foot work, make a false page to tell you that your Links has hung up, actually not that you need to exchange site. The results you will become to the other site made a single connection, not only can increase the weight of your site, but also the loss of the weight of their own, but The loss outweighs the gain.

4. false Links page

When the Links by deliberately reducing weight


website to reach a level, is to increase the weight of their own website through the exchange links, so the exchange links, we are often called Links. When Links exchange, most of the webmaster can be quite sincere cooperation. But now the social situation will also be a small part of the owners love playing some tricks in the exchange of Links, to deceive Links another party. The author in this special note, just want to let everyone in the exchange Links beware, so as not to be deceived.

owners to use robots.txt files or meta Noindex tag to Links cannot be included in search engines. Some webmaster to Links plus the nofollow attribute in the page HTML code head plus meta nofollow label, the page can not transfer the weight.

this is the most simple trick, in exchange Links, after a short time in secretly deleted. Usually deal with this problem, we can use the program to automatically check the other link, even if not to use the program, it often to see if other site links are themselves. Of course, we found that the link does not exist, we can be a bit of humanity, contact webmaster ask what is the situation, understand the situation before making a decision.

5. by the original Links exchange with you

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