Don’t let your name into someone else’s wedding website

can do its own website brand protection greatly, but also can reduce the negative impact of the site, while others want to use some websites to do negative information, as long as the ranking does not appear on the home page, the site is a very little effect.

this is immoral, but it is still very common in the auction site, the site name brand is the use of others as the word for word, if the brand word search volume is large, then the auction website gain, Shanghai website design co CE network for example, such as beauty this keyword, someone directly as bidding Keywords:

second, through the website name to intercept traffic

as the name of the site is taboo, had suffered such a loss, do a logistics site, the name of the web site directly to Beijing as a logistics network, then the ranking is also good, Beijing logistics network ranked first, daily search Beijing logistics network into a web user a lot; some customers will be a direct hit the phone came to ask our website, I told him that you can directly search Beijing logistics network, he told me that many sites are Beijing logistics network, at this time I realized the importance of the site name, so for their own site to a name. In fact, now many webmaster have the wrong point of view, is the direct use of keywords as the name of the web site, the purpose is to let the word ranking.

when the site has some popularity, many competitors will find ways to use others, the name of the website as their website name, such as the rite for a long time, there are competitors, this is inevitable, early we should have their own brand awareness, such as the creation of two domain names, create love Shanghai. Love Shanghai know to maintain our brand word, even now micro-blog ranking is good, we can take advantage of, to create micro-blog using its own website name, the average new is not beyond, of course, while others may be others occupy a good position on the website weight, but almost home are their own brand, the value of others is much reduced.


Keywords First, as the name of the web site keywords Although

site name is a symbol of a website, as a brand name, we should take good care of it, its value is far greater than some other keywords, keywords ranking is only temporary, not be beyond the others may, as long as people have to compete for a day, and the name of the site once be familiar with, be remembered, even keywords disappear, others will be through the search sites to find the name of the site, such as the amount of search taobao贵族宝贝 is a site name, by a large number of users in the site in the search, we must pay attention to make good use of your site name, don’t let yourself become the site name someone else’s wedding.

third, the name of the web site by others as bidding

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