Do we want to Shanghai dragon friends all mature man

I was always a very introverted or very shy person, in the QQ of my friends will certainly feel this, I rarely take the initiative to find friends, unless special friend, said the best thing I like character called it, that’s not nice one is stiff or enigma. But I found my friend contact for a long time and still love to communicate with me, at least I will help them, they will be more or less give me some help. Long network of friends, not to say that we can really do must be like-minded, not saying we want each other to be more familiar with, but we can sincerely treat each other as much as possible to help a friend, do what you can do.

we all know a little: many friends, a good way to go, it is very applicable where put. Shanghai dragon, do webmaster, want to rely on the network to make money, we all need to have their own contacts, the more extensive network we can develop more spaces, if the operation is good, we can certainly earn more. This time, Muzi Zhou spent a lot of time to see a few friends, the feeling is very large, have a deep understanding of the importance of Shanghai dragon contacts, which makes me think that we must pay attention to each friend to become acquaintances do Shanghai Longfeng, let each friends are willing to communicate with us. Willing to share, to help you.

1, let more people know you

is followed by the addition of friends QQ group. We all know that such a problem in the QQ group inside, we pay close attention to this group of how much we can have more friends to meet you. Basically we made these two points, as much as you know a lot of people, of course, we do not miss the other means, such as we can.

was the first to rely mainly on writing left QQ. From the beginning, Shanghai dragon, or that I should leave their QQ in the article from the beginning of writing, because wrote many articles, there are still quite a lot of friends to add me, these friends if you really want to communicate with me, is that we can familiar with each other the.

said that, in fact, if you pay attention to the training of their network of friends may know these imaginary things, but we do in the specific process of Shanghai dragon in how to do will get to know these friends on the network step by step development of mature people? Listen to some of my personal opinion, hope to be able to some friends help.

!A little

actually do Shanghai dragon first of all we have to do is to make enough people understand us, we can not only limited to the small circle around them, but also constantly into a circle, the continuous development of another small circle. For example, you go to work in the company, is a few people every day you contact with the company, not some other friends? Surely not. How to let more people know me? I do.

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