How to arrange the daily work of website optimization


website optimization work three: content optimization

website optimization work two: keyword analysis

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to do the work for the first job to do?! there are two reasons: one is detected by the friends of the chain, we can find some problems with the friends of the chain, and then promptly removed, to avoid being punished! Two is the detection ranking is to affirm the day before work! Every test rankings change, adjust and optimize the strategy so as to better and more timely, make the website ranking rise

people have neither learning nor skill will fail! Website optimization is the same! Search engine now call is a few changes every day, so every day to take a little time to communicate with everybody to learn and improve their ability to work and optimize the level of every day! Learn stage summary of your own work and the results would be more conducive to under the situation! A step to better carry out website optimization work for

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website optimization is a very systematic work, and site optimization is very exquisite strategies and methods! How to arrange their daily tasks and plan has become the top priority to do site optimization! The small plum to share some of their own experience

finished, the next step is to upgrade the web site outside of the chain number! Every day to do some high quality of the site outside the chain, the best is easy to be forwarded two times and the spread of the best! Like the A5 soft, an article dozens of the chain is normal but things!

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website optimization work: Friends of the chain and ranking monitoring

website optimization work five: learning and summing up the work of


detected the day before the optimization result will begin after the daily keyword analysis work! How to analyze keywords?! mainly from the following several aspects: one is the website traffic statistics, and according to many flow over analysis of new words and Related words sent out, and then put these keywords as the next step or to do today the keywords to optimize and write articles do rankings! Two is love sea search hot list, find some keywords with large flow and can find website related keywords, and then to do optimization! Three is from some news and hot issues in analyzing and mining the keywords

well above, can be said to have basically arranged the website optimization routine! I hope everyone can do website optimization plan targeted

website optimization work four: the construction of the chain

user experience!

keywords, to begin daily content optimization, keyword for release some original or false original article. And highlight keywords bold or with interior chain in the article content, enhance the site’s weight! Content optimization has two key points: one is for the keywords to do, two is for the user to do. So in order to ensure the content is search engine at the same time, also must pay attention to the content of the

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