Lu Guofu the role and methods of operation in the chain


do we Shanghai Longfeng optimization friends have been emphasizing the "content is king, the chain for emperor", so should the specific how to operate? Today Wuhan Shanghai dragon to bring all of the content of the website is how to update, recently found that some sites are completely in order to update and update the content, write some website completely and no contact there is a direct copy of the article, to update, (this time a little busy, my blog is a direct copy articles in the update, the snapshot still lead to blog on the 7 day, now it seems that this article will have their own original ah), when we write the article in the station, we must do a good job in the chain operation. Only do the chain operation, the site’s overall weight to go up, can do more flowering, first of all we have to understand the concept of the chain.

know the chain within the chain specific meaning, so what is the role of

in the chain, as the name suggests is the link between each other at the same site content page (link your website content to your site inside pages, also known as internal links).

you can be directly deployed in their station, unlike the external links is not controllable is relatively large, need a lot of purchase or long-term accumulation to achieve a stable Shanghai Longfeng effect.


helps to improve the efficiency of the search engine on the web crawling index, are included to the website. A page to be collected, first of all to be able to search engine spider, the spider crawling track along a link to another link, want a better search engine spider crawling, generally need to be guided by the reverse link, but the page crawling requires a good internal link if not, pay attention to the formation of chain scission, spiders are not up, there is no good included.

Improve the efficiency of the index to PR transferTransfer

1 is easy to control, low cost

3 promote website ranking


internal links also contribute to PR, the average station page authority. Internal links is Search Engine > calculation

in front of a rapid increase keyword ranking skills are also mentioned the importance of internal links. The site of the internal links of good strategy to promote website ranking. In the search engine front, a link to a vote on behalf of, is the site of the external links between each other, while the internal links represent each page within the site each other. Support a specific page through a large number of the appropriate internal links, will help focus on the theme of the content page, prompting the search engine to identify is important which pages on your site, then push the page rank. Therefore, in the process of search engine optimization, web pages which were involved in the main keywords ranking competition, we will take the main keyword focused internal links, so that the core of the topic keywords in the search engine ranking has more advantages.

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