Webmaster discussion do Wangzhuan need business acumenDo shlf1314 Adsense have real traffic account

1. advertising stay time is greater than 10 seconds,

3. doesn’t clear COOKIE, you can’t click ads,

How does

well, I hope you can mix up something in the network. This article is original: www.079gq.cn webmaster.

looked at the title maybe many people will agree with the statement, "my own real flow click is real, so I will not be a lot of K station" there is this idea that people should not be denied that there was indeed a part of the real flow in the GG account is not K, especially those famous web sites and large traffic sites, not more, but we went to the station, often see some real traffic by K account, grumble at the forum, so that there is not a real flow must not be K, the same is true why K has not been flow by K? I had been collecting the website K data users, found that most K webmaster is a small site, and revenue per click is generally low, which also shows their site click mostly invalid clicks, we know that shlf1314 ADSENSE The judgment is invalid clicks according to user retention time and look at the advertisement website number and click on the source to judge, but as these sites get a lot of advertising, many users are not in advertising, while the user is found do not point advertising, will immediately close the advertising pages, thus causing a lot of invalid click website the invalid click is not necessarily K, but not too much then click will be K, when you click invalid and effective point to beat more than a certain proportion, then GG will K your GG account, this judgment seems reasonable, but very hard, when if you go to another site forum access and whether he would have to pay attention to advertising on the site, will not go to click? I don’t think anyone would.

2. turns more than 5 times,

personally do Wangzhuan in addition to the high minded, but also must have certain knowledge of computer, if do not understand what the computer? How do you analyze the others? How to do their own projects at least to know what is the Internet?. Some people have the ability to Wangzhuan must have: analysis ability, learning ability, construction ability, SEO ability, promotion ability, also includes personal text to speech ability. Grasp the characteristics of the Internet: many people, easy to propaganda, easy to cause public opinion, explosive ability. I want to seize the characteristics of the network, you have to do anything is also easy to succeed. To understand the market, your industry in the network whether there is enough market, such people are more, earn money is not to make everyone’s money. Where and where do you go?. What kind of talent can you find in the network? Learn how to use it. Why should others use it? Of course, what can you do for him?. Everyone is using each other to make money. Good to hear is cooperation, and bad is to use each other. If you combine all your abilities, you will create value.

look for opportunities?. I think it’s best to sell the product, no matter what you sell, physical or virtual, suggest the best virtual. Including the hands of the technology will do. Do Wangzhuan to position yourself, if you are not in order to earn a little money is necessary to plan their future pull. Some things earn less, but earn more is the same, of course, there are less investment, big profits, it depends on whether you have the eye. Personally feel that there is no need to do someone else’s project to sell you. In fact, do Wangzhuan method is to have the ability to analyze people’s project. Analysis of why others can make money, rely on what to make money? Others can earn your money, you can not use the same way to make other people’s money?. As long as there is opportunity, there is a person doing, you can also know what he is doing, what the future and how to do it. I 314577746

hasn’t come long enough to send a good article. I have little time to do wangzhuan. Does the understanding of many, now Wangzhuan has become the point of real dragons and fishes jumbled together, it is almost impossible to find a project on the internet. Why? First you have no how to do others what operation projects, not to be cheated by the throat! If you really want to make money online, it must be independent. Looking for opportunities. Don’t be somebody else’s head. If someone else sells you a project, you’ll be as happy as a gold. Well, I do not know you have been on the trap of others.

then I took a IP on more than 2000 sites participated in a cross point alliance, click on the price increase a lot, but also reduces the number of invalid clicks, from the point of each other in the league are most effective. Click on this account until now has not been K, income is also very stable, every month to receive the money. Of course I choose each point alliance is also cautious, is the first study of a period of time to participate, not all points are mutual alliance security, choose a good account of your alliance is very important, should pay attention to the following points,

5: click on the source, as long as the above points, then your account is K rate will be very small, to introduce a I now participate in the League of www.ggadd, the security alliance is very good, there are many webmaster in this alliance. More than just a little experience I do is cheat in the alliance. Experience, although I do not want to cheat, but in order to make a living, in order to account from being K, had to do, and do a few hard loading station, without any income, even account was K, then don’t talk about what is good to say "cheating

4., a IP can only order 8 times,

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