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EMU, EMU is because there are too many loopholes, imagine, if not a little loophole how do you go to EMU? So, no matter what you do in the form of Wangzhuan, must have EMU mentality. This mentality causes you to look for common vulnerabilities, exploit these vulnerabilities to achieve what you want, and when you make good use of them, you can achieve non essential EMU. For example, we all know that the shlf1314 PR value, the PR value of the algorithm is accessed through other stations after you make your stand and get the value of the source, the site of the PR value is high, your site score is also higher, this is the reason why many people suddenly find the chain, how to here the use of EMU in mind? A lot of people to their own websites, are habitual to enter the URL in the browser, why, because of their own. Of course, he will come, can not improve the PR value, on the contrary, if you click on your, cnzz points to the URL into your website, your the PR value will be greatly improved, it is not a secret, a lot of people on the Internet are written, but few people, and he will expand out. Also make it clear that you are in today, tomorrow at cnzz, the day after tomorrow at another station into your station, and you go to your station every day at, the effect is not the same. That is to say, you used up, but returned to the EMU, did not achieve the desired effect.

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say regression, for example, too?

?First we need to understand the essence of

Wangzhuan EMU, fake things not for a long time, at least in many high technology that not everyone can grasp. To make a point of view is always formal Wangzhuan, such do not cheat, because the regular can be a long time, because the more formal is simpler than EMU. At the same time at the same time, there must be EMU mentality, a lot of people do not understand this point of view, why formal, but also get fake EMU,

may make friends in reading about the Wangzhuan aspects of the introduction, have always talked about what EMU, what is EMU? EMU English is actually the word "emulator" abbreviation, meaning: simulator. Literally, you can simply understand that the fake is true, and it can be understood as cheating". We are seeing a lot of EMU is in hydrostatic forums, for example: you want to make money through your website, but you get the real money, the other is false: traffic is false, click is false, lead or sale is false if one element is false can as of EMU. The vacation here is pure vacation, not fake, and many people break the law when EMU. There are also many people who regard formal elements as EMU, which is a misunderstanding.

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