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Zhongguancun Pioneer Street is the predecessor of Haidian book city pedestrian street, in the official name change "Zhongguancun pioneering Street" before, here already has 3W and garage two start-up cafe. Open street, along with the legend of the star, angel sinks, business services settled, more and more young people.

on Sunday afternoon, on the 2 floor of the 3W cafe in Pioneer Street, Zhongguancun, is full of people. Here, there is a start-up and equity financing to share the meeting, most of the young people attending the meeting stood listening to nearly 3 hours of sharing.

we’re really lucky. We got orders in the first week, and then we had orders all the way from hundreds to thousands. But I think it is too slow to make money too little, so the use of the original understanding of the work of media resources, encouraging students to do the media agency business at the same time, then began recruiting office expansion, cost several times increase, but the income and not as imagined soaring, the media agency business more difficult than imagined, and our the management level and service level is not high. The ensuing SARS was even worse. After a night of crying, I decided to give up. The student sighed and said, "you will regret one day,

, entrepreneurs at the garage cafe in Zhongguancun Pioneer Street,

founder Zhao Liwei guest project lie in November last year his team moved into the garage coffee, compared to nearby residents, at four thousand or five thousand dollars a month rent, garage coffee requirements on the "presence" is to spend 20 dollars to buy a cup of coffee every day, and it is open 24 hours. Zhao Liwei said that the team moved to the garage, because there is more entrepreneurial atmosphere. When faced with difficulties, look around, and similar situation of their own entrepreneurs, will be some inspiration. "If a team of 35 shut itself up in a residential building, or next to a big company, it’s likely to give up."

Since the street opened in June last year, this popularity of

in the less than 300 meters long street, gathered more than 2200 institutional investors, more than 20 new entrepreneurial institutions and nearly 4000 start-up team, an average of 36 companies a day. Entrepreneurs who have been stationed here for the long time are mostly 80 and 90, and dreams, entrepreneurship and financing are the key words they often talk about. A small percentage of them eventually got financing, but more than 50% chose to give up.

, as a serial entrepreneur and columnist for many websites and magazines, is the first time I’ve written articles related to entrepreneurship. But entrepreneurship is an eternal topic. After all, it’s about whether a society is alive, if it has a dream, or whether it’s innovative……


in the garage for the six months, Zhao Liwei’s feelings is "pioneering Street fire, entrepreneurship also fire."". Since June of last year, the pioneering street has received much attention from the government. The leaders of the Beijing Municipal Committee, Guo Jinlong, Minister of science and technology Wan Gang, Vice Minister of the Ministry of industry and Mao Weiming have inspected the work here. At the same time, the pioneering streets have also been widely reported by the media. sh419 search shows, and "Zhongguancun pioneering Street" related news has more than 3000.

no one wants to focus on the failures of "entrepreneurial old people" and like the pursuit of successful start-ups". Every day, someone tells you to start a business for your dreams and become an ideal person. The fact that entrepreneurship is a must be rational like mathematicians because of the above things, you will face 90% things and dreams, but not ideal, and the stark reality! I horse note: entrepreneurship does not depend on a cavity blood and to promote the need prompted by a sudden impulse, rational planning and step by step.

has become more and more frequent. According to official statistics from Pioneer Street, 18 sharing events will be held here this week, focusing on entrepreneurship related aspects of venture capital trends, product technology and talent recruitment. Almost every event will be full of scenes, an entrepreneur who regularly participates in these activities tells TechWeb that he hopes to expand his connections in such activities in search of investment or business cooperation.

whenever I think of this venture, I did give up their regret, after all, after that the other two venture, is impossible to find a good partner like my classmates, entrepreneurial passion is still in business, but the youth fades away, the dimensions of entrepreneurial thinking become complicated, is no longer simply in order to lay a world together.

TechWeb reported on March 18th, Wen / Xiao Fang,

was 23 years old and my classmates in Beijing started the first venture, in fact I was lucky in business on this road, but every time I think luck should not belong to me, then take them destroyed. The first time I started business, I was a graphic designer, and my classmate was a salesman. He came to get customers through the traditional way of calling. After receiving the order, I completed the customer’s design requirements.

starts fire,

is the second venture back to Shenzhen Taobao store at the instigation of his girlfriend, this can be said to have achieved a great success in the 05 year, Taobao became the first one million sales of big sellers, second years sales of Christmas inventory has reached about 2000000, and the first in the country to build online distribution platform, on the platform in the development and design of virtual currency trading system. Just Taobao upside down day and night and day, in the emerging electricity industry know the way at a loss where this is the successful entrepreneurial reluctantly ended, but this time let me venture basis on the electricity supplier and the user’s understanding is cut into the heart, until now deeply affect me, also feel all entrepreneurship is not easy and.

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