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: This is the toil when someone made a task, or some task you registered website, click, after the completion of registration and so on related matters in accordance with the above tasks, people will pay you a fee ha ha, this word… .

also is the electricity supplier, such as orange, chunshuitang etc., they are selling sex toys, the so-called fun electricity supplier. This field has started to be valued by investors. Such as fun electricity supplier spring house in 2015 took the B round of investment, investors value is his electricity supplier and brand integration ability. He was interested in taking the 50 million A round in 2014, and the investor valued him

hang ads: This is the vast majority of small Adsense is doing. That is, you have to have a station of your own, and your website must have traffic someone who visits your website, and then you can go to the ad League to find the advertising code. When you put in the code, as long as there is real traffic, it will generate revenue check in the ad League, and then to a certain amount of advertising by the union staff to pay you advertising fees. advertising League recommends sh419 alliance and shlf1314’s

2 selling services such as customer service, website production, custom software, etc.

will take the sexes today for an analysis.



whether it is data search, or the sale of two sex products, which reveals behind the 80, 90 generation of the issue of sex is increasingly open attitude, and the pursuit of health and generosity.

in fact, this conclusion is hardly supported by data. It can only be seen from the increasingly open topic of discussion on social networks. Two years ago, after 90 beauty, pioneering star ma Jiajia selling products, attracted countless eyeballs, although Ma Jiajia’s business failed, but it confirms the people’s increasingly open attitude towards sexual products.

market spawned by gender needs

let’s take a look at the basic classification of Wangzhuan:

5 promotion products such as Amoy, or other CPS ads

4 selling products such as Taobao, and now all over the situation

, a month ago, saw a bicycle website landing three new board, was touched. The family gathered numerous bike hobby website is essentially a community, in the maintenance of good users at the same time, through the event marketing, advertising and bicycle related electricity supplier, the community made a bicycle ecological services complex.

products: this must have their own shop or your own web site, and then to put their products on the price, when someone wants to buy and the success of the transaction the buyer to pay the money you receive, income is not for me to say it. open shop can clap, Taobao, yes,

either in Witkey or bbs.admin5

sell service: This requires you to have some of your own advantages, for example, when the customer service –> need time; Web site production –> need technology. The money is paid to you by the person who hired you. in fact, this is also a kind of task, but when coolies are unskilled, and this is the need for technology. If you have this advantage, you can find

1 when coolies that’s what people see, click, post, register, etc.,

well, first come here, hope

now let’s talk about how the income of these categories comes from:

Wangzhuan is to generate income through the network, we must first figure out how the income, this issue directly become a lot of people do not believe that "the fundamental Wangzhuan" such thing.

ecological services, this is the scene muster upgrade ah. Ecology may be a new approach to vertical communities, and there are, in fact, opportunities in several vertical areas. Such as gender, parenting, education and other fields.

, first of all, sex products. In the past, the industry has basically stayed in the stage of extensive production, and because of the policy reasons, with the special nature of the industry, the concentration of brands is very low. In the past few years, investors have not been optimistic about this field, and have hardly heard of any investment news. And policy risk has been there, so this piece of imagination is not big.

3 hang ads usually with your own blog or website

promotion products: for example, Taobao customers, if you do not know what Taobao customers do, it is recommended to check on sh419, if… I mean, if you don’t even know sh419. Then turn off the computer and go to sleep. ^_^ this project and they sell similar products, selling products are selling their own resources, and the resources in the hands of others, as long as you promote, when to sell every one, others give you how much commission.

younger generation of sexual issues more and more bold and calm, the market is slowly rising, and around this area, can do a lot of things.

in February this year, Ali health data research center has released the "2015 China sex consumption report", the report shows, Chinese in sex appeal the demand is on the rise, and more and more rich. In 2015, people used more than 10 million search keywords, such as "sexy underwear", "inflatable doll" and "plane cup". According to Ali’s report, after the reform and opening up, born 75 and 80 generation, in the concept of sexual love has undergone great changes, sexual toys show a certain interest, willing to do more attempts and exploration.

, let’s look at a set of data first.

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