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so attract users, so that investors are also interested in it. About singing, financing rumors have been heard, the most exciting is Sequoia China injection of $15 million, to obtain 20% of its shares, the overall valuation of $75 million……

now many small and medium-sized webmaster joined the bubble play, YES play, 51 play and other web game joint operation platform. But from the major operating platform exchange forum, group can be seen, many websites are complaining about the game channel login game player is more less and less, the number of recharge, even so, not to mention what benefits. Small and medium-sized websites have been reduced to being the free advertising providers for web games operated by the platform. Web game operators are through such cooperation, to improve their web game exposure and registration number, but small and medium-sized websites but not a slice of soup or share a little soup.

Instagram is an image processing software, completed by a team of 13 people. By installing filters and various image processing features for the camera, the average person can shoot a relatively professional picture

" is simple, positioned on rigid demand." A good friend of Chen Hua, in twenty-first Century angel capital investment manager Xie Chenxing said it aimed to sing a mortal, embrace the star dream model and ordinary singer, but also for ordinary people to hear people singing, and the introduction of social elements, these are the cause of concern sing.


, "download my song for my mom. It’s definitely the biggest mistake of the recent stage. She’s singing crazy now."…… One of the most romantic things has been sung ten times. Kong Xiaosheng, a netizen, left a message on micro-blog yesterday.

start-up theater, "sing" CEO, Chen Hua told the audience about their entrepreneurial process. Newspaper reporter Jia Tongjun photo

, though, Chen Hua admitted, "it was all later.". "When I started the business, I am also not sure what products have rigid demand, singing it is trial and error many times only to find."."


              think the reason of this result, for many reasons: first, the current group of audience web games or narrow, small and medium-sized site traffic is limited, resulting in the number of games is more less; on the other hand, the large operating platform are taken into the consumption way, when joining the site member consumer behavior, they can get revenue sharing. This simply in accordance with CPS by consumer pay way, of course, can not guarantee the proceeds of the webmaster. There is, the current major operating platform in the integration of web games and small and medium-sized sites, is not perfect, and some also need small and medium-sized site users two times registration and login to play the game. This will block many troublesome players outside the door.

tried many times before finding the "just needed"

sing, an application that sings on mobile phones. The gameplay is very simple, after installing the software, in the mobile phone to start the orange as the background of the program, you want to sing the song, lyrics and singing to the accompaniment, after sharing upload, waiting for someone to "flowers" or evaluation. Of course, you can also be an audience, pay attention to the singers you are interested in and send comments and flowers in time". When listening to songs, the screen will show the singer’s photos like a slide show.

previously, second pioneering Chen Hua led 12 old colleagues, founder of an electricity supplier website. Only for more than two months, they basically failed. In trouble, Instagram, a popular application abroad, gave Chen Hua team inspiration.

5 days on the APP China download list first, daily active users over one million

sing, why fire,


since May 31st this year since the apple App Store on the line, sing the growth rate even founder Chen Hua unexpected — just in 5 days, App Chinese jumped to first in the total standings, has remained at the forefront of the overall standings, there are more than one million users charmed every day.


newspaper reporter Dong Changqing

recently discovered a new web game operation platform, called "play league", which is different from "bubble play". It is a platform for entertainment chess and web games. There are four models in the game, China game center client leisure chess games in the most popular games, landlords, mahjong, chess, upgrade, is their own development. It uses the open access API interface two times without the user registration, login to play the game two times, rather than the domain name resolution, compared with the website access easier, and more closely combined degrees. I also saw the application of magic landlords on the campus online. To join the site, they take a double reward approach, hand recharge into 40%, on the other hand, according to the number of games to play franchise website no charge reward lottery, monthly reward prepaid card, coins and physical prizes class; also accumulated to a certain number game player rewards the Dragon stamps equivalent to cash. Although this alliance has not been able to fundamentally solve the above problems, but personally feel that their model is more suitable for small and medium-sized webmaster game audience wide, double reward, perfect combination. As one of the small and medium-sized webmaster, I sincerely hope that the joint operation platform, we should really consider the income of our small and medium-sized webmaster. Only if we make money, you will have the hope of profit!

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