shlf1314 AdSense’s most basic optimization skills, but also the best skills!There are three squirrel

becheery and three squirrels. There is a certain distance from the profitability, more intense competition between the two phenomena is a high input from marketing, becheery began a television drama since 2014 have implanted becheery last year’s hot drama "W- two" world advertising implants, and the year drama "III. ten peach" still can see the figure of becheery. This contrasts with the three squirrels in 2016 alone with 9 television drama, reminiscent of the two brands in the marketing level at. But from the profit, becheery is less than three and the squirrel meet as equals. Last September, CEO announced that Cai Hongliang becheery will be closed for three years, in the end to what Biechu strokes, also to be the test of time.

, this is the most basic optimization technique for shlf1314 AdSense, but it’s also the best technique:

 ,   1., display ads in an obvious position. Placing ads in an obvious location where they do not have to scroll can make it easier for visitors to see ads, thereby increasing the chance of clicking.
    2. custom advertising color matching. Try using custom colors for the ad unit, which helps you ensure that the text, background, and border color of the advertisement enhance the appearance of the site. You can choose from a large number of colors, form your own custom palette, or choose more than 20 predefined colors.
          use the palette, ai proposal:
          background color A. ads with the same or similar to the background color of the page.
        B.;   for the banner border, select a color that is very prominent on your web page.
        C.;   select a color that is similar to the page text for the banner title.
        D.;   for ad sites, select a color that is similar to other links on the web page.
    3.  try different advertising formats. Web pages are different in style, so you should try using different ad formats to match different page layouts.
    4.. Put AdSense ads on more colorful pages. Add AdSense ad code to your web site, and the main content is on the text page. We use only text to determine the content of a web page. Therefore, although the shlf1314 positioning technology has been optimized to advertising positioning to content frequently updated web pages, however, those who have a lot of image "with Macromedia or Flash? Dynamic media content" may still be unable to launch advertising.

in recent years, three squirrels unlimited scenery, and finally in April 21st formally submitted prospectus prospectus, intends to land the gem.

from the prospectus disclosure of financial data on, three squirrels despite cyclamate events, "double 11" no product shipments, etc. were Tucao Christmas time and unrest, but the pace of development in the past few years has raised eyebrows.

company 2014 operating income of 924 million yuan, loss of 12 million 860 thousand yuan; 2015 operating income of 2 billion 43 million yuan, profit of 8 million 970 thousand yuan; 2016 operating income of 4 billion 420 million yuan, profit amounted to 237 million yuan. In the past three years, the company’s annual revenue growth rate is as high as 119%.

In the

in the list of opponents, just food and laiyifen have listed, I bought the food network early listing plan, and becheery miss you in the last year has been mergers and acquisitions, and in 2016 to miss you to contribute 1 billion 126 million yuan sales and net profit of 15 million 698 thousand yuan.

pattern has become increasingly clear in the market, three squirrel said, it includes food, laiyifen and other enterprises on behalf of the line of food production and retail enterprises, online retail enterprises and I bought the food network, becheery as the representative of the three main competitors squirrel.

also from the line into the line, entrenched in the area of Jiangsu laiyifen, through more than 2000 chain stores can sell 3 billion yuan a year, such as leisure food candied preserved fruit, called giant. In October 12, 2016, laiyifen officially listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, opened rose 44%, shares rose to 16.8 yuan, the market value of 4 billion yuan. Laiyifen IPO >


according to its own business development, three squirrels in the prospectus asserted that the snack food will be in 2017 after the electricity supplier, and gradually entered the mature period. The market had some snacks business surface scenery bleak earnings "point of view, three squirrels regard this as the market in the enterprise caused by subsidy war the demographic dividend period, the current Internet nuts market market structure has stabilized, improve the sales price has become the industry trend.

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