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can be said to occupy a place in the network, time is not short. My first contact with the Internet was in 2000, when I was in high school, because it was a small city. In 2000, I had been chatting on the Internet. It was very sad. Just rarely surfing the internet.


April 2008, a chance to see the network can make money in the online search information, and this information, a start is to do some free Wangzhuan, because there is no vote, too simple. Polls, surveys, surfing, hang ups, and clicks have all been done. In the end, no money was made and the living expenses were not enough. I am very unwilling, so I will find some fees for the project to do, this little said, and certainly not successful, cheated.

today, February 8, 2009, when I write these things, I can tell you now, I run my own website, I still earn more than one thousand or two thousand yuan a month, far from my ideal. I still will not give up, I will gradually enrich themselves in study, so that they have more capital and strength, through this network to make money. I want to engage in Wangzhuan friends make money online to learn together.

really began to surf the Internet, in college, often with friends to soak Internet cafes, crazy indulge in chat, chat is an overnight. Think of it, it’s a waste of great shade. I think, even now, some eighteen, nine little brothers and sisters are still going my way.

title and location of promotional articles

in general, now the "L" group or more "fire eye", and implicit advertisements could not escape the fate of being deleted. This may be a lot of Taobao customers and Taobao shopkeeper distress. Many advertisers will choose in each forum in the hottest area, in fact, the "fire" is not what we need most, each city local forum version of most group purchase development is very good, relatively good as the 19 floor, long lane and so on. Every day, there are a large number of people in need of the "shopping", you can buy their own products or other forms in these sections. According to my observation, this promotion is very direct and effective, and the post will not be deleted as long as it is not illegal.

to this day, I don’t know if I have found my goal. After graduating from college, I don’t want to stay on the Internet. I want to get a job and lead a normal life. Can always be unsatisfactory, the work to find a dozen copies, but the longest time not more than a year to quit. I calm down, carefully think about it, is it their restless heart? Do not want to be driven by people. I think so, because of my personality.

Taobao – Taobao Club – guest guest Club Club – Taobao alliance to provide Taobao API passenger station source download for you, Taobao, Taobao customers to promote guest guest tutorials, Taobao soft propaganda techniques, the creation of the original article, let you learn Taobao customers, customers of Taobao earn method, easy money.

‘s strategy for advertising: let the most wanted see, not just attract. First of all, you want to buy things, he will search for what, such as Tanabata festival. By the way, "Tanabata Festival to send what gift", this may be most people search the most keywords. For the selected keyword, generally take two approaches: one is standing in the customer’s point of view to think he will search what, second more scientific point, check the relevant keywords sh419 search, let users search habits to give me advice.

title and location have been selected. The content is so organized: two choices, or a very professional shopping guide, and organize professional materials. Let others think you are professional, and then believe you; or is a very casual recommendation, just want to write their own diary, tell others, you bought what, where to buy, not bad.

has been wondering how my network should go. Now, in twenty-first Century today, you can say that owning a network means owning wealth, but I still have my own way out. I did not give up, from the construction site began, only build a station, in order to better promote publicity. I’ve been cheated, so I won’t invest in some fees. After much deliberation, or think, from free Wangzhuan after screening, I decided to make money on the project PAYTOCLICK, this period also paid a lot of sweat, but this is because slowly into the track, so more or less have some income. Although earn less, but at least I have proved that the network can make money.

chatting, watching movies, playing games. It was a favorite of the past. I don’t know how to use this powerful INTERNET to get the latest information and information, but it’s all over.

promotional articles content organization

2, the easiest way to promote

1, the best holiday promotion method.


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