Liu Chuanzhi openly asked for advice, carved God prompt weapon will be such a trader Liu peach.Nov

there must be some impatient guy would ask, Chu Liu orange peach not enough to do the hutch? Why bother to name

first, the fruit is not a "unlimited modified" products, although I have to admit, Chu orange really hard to eat, up to now have to swallow slobber, but swallow too slobber to say, after all, unlike the fruits of technology products, can not do the products through technological innovation significantly ahead of peers, as iPhone two years ago the Android camp this is not fully suppressed fruit fruit. Liu peach again outstanding, but still a kiwi, food well, after eating out almost everyone.

most beginners do Wangzhuan click, investigation, coding, etc. These are the only registered task, rookie level Wangzhuan, why do you say that? Is very simple, because through these sites to make money you do not need to have any technology, one can understand it, even beginners can quickly get started to earn money, but in this way to make money is hard, to put it crudely, it is even so, sell toil! There are so many people through this way to contact Wangzhuan, when you really started or is a master of Wangzhuan become, you will find that the original is doing Wangzhuan project is in fact to his great help, so you can always go to now in Wangzhuan industry is the foundation that time pad

this involves the source of text that I have spoken of before".

back to Liu peach, the best emotional support behind this thing is Liu Chuanzhi himself

then, let’s remember. In fact, Chu orange 2010 began selling on the market, but the real knowledge, as the key point of the well known, it is more than a year ago, was unearthed "emotional positioning inspirational orange".

how can we do or say, do Wangzhuan Wangzhuan? We should have the idea of how to? I believe the vast majority of industries to join Wangzhuan friends, are from the beginning or cheated, the occasional opportunity to contact some click advertising, this type of investigation, the code is the basis of Wangzhuan site suddenly found the original online, can really make money! And then stand Wangzhuan industry the temptation to think that money really good money, then stepped into the circle…. of course, this does not include the number itself has a high technology of the Internet people.

as we all know, in recent years in the agricultural products fruit industry, the most eye-catching is undoubtedly Zhu Shijian Chu orange, and can become the planes compared with Chu orange, and only "Chi tao".

we are very clear that any one thing, if you don’t understand it, did not grasp the connotation and essence of it, if you want to do it is very difficult! Beginner friends just contact with the industry, what all don’t understand, do not understand what is the real website, do not know what to rely on to the website to make money, do not know what is the use of network traffic on the Internet, but do not know how to earn money.

Although ?

, if I come to Liu Tao, the first and most important thing is to add an alias to Liu Tao: "Zhi Zhi Tao."".


exploded pop all at once. Zhu Shijian lives in the ups and downs of experience and age is still sigh,, have become the best footnote endorsement and inspirational orange. Therefore many people cheered, is said to have a feel confused the little guy, specifically went to Yunnan Ailao Mountain to see Zhu Lao in the elderly be pestered beyond endurance.

I had also a chance to contact Wangzhuan, beginning a simple project is to do the task, such as advertising, but it does make money, then the feeling fresh, while spending a lot of time and effort to earn a little money, but still very excited for a long time of natural! That money not what interest, so hard to think how to earn more money, more easily to do. So it is natural to think that the Wangzhuan referral system, wondering if you can pull it off enough, so he even if one day things will not have so many people to give their own money, what a good thing ah! Then go crazy to learn to do, learn to write propaganda soft, learn how to set up a popular influential blog, in order to achieve their own to be able to attract more people to become their own downline, help yourself to make money.

introduction: Recently, Lenovo holdings chairman Liu Chuanzhi publicly expressed chiefs, the arrival of the mobile Internet in the logic of thinking, breaking a lot of traditional knowledge and experience, humbly said: "we cannot read". At the same time, sincerely named "God ye", "white crow", "fellow uncle" and a number of advice on how to use the mobile internet marketing Liu Liu agricultural projects, "Liu Tao."". The following is the God carved his own trick.

thanks for inviting me. Thanks to the old Liu taiai.


according to the positioning theory, people’s mind, there is usually a "battle mode". We used a very good guy has to find a reference, then the United States would have a Su Ning, with Alan Tam a Leslie Cheung, Coca-Cola will have a Pepsi, ghost blows a tomb notes, there is Zhang Qiling wu……

said the effect is still there, but always feel not a long-term solution: 1, although a blog is easy, but to really want to manage the popular blog, put up is not so simple, but maybe that made what wrong blog blocked that means all previous efforts are in vain! Do Wangzhuan 2, a lot of people, you can think of.

"inspirational", giving people the power of life, and then big injustice you and Zhu Shijian Bibi, immediately feel nothing, this is to touch the hearts of the people, the strength of emotional passwords.

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