Expose liar alliance hot coal passOn a single page of Taobao, the three must go places

himself reveals that the largest fraud coalition in Chinese history, "hot coal mining", is known to have the most advertising and almost all of the Union’s ads! The website artist is quite standard! They have not given any commission for a year since they sent a commission in December 06! Some of the large advertising I see almost hundreds of thousands of commission! The talent has been doing 1000 pairs for 3 months! The reason for their flicker is that the new system will be paid in conjunction with the new payment system when the new system is completed next month! This shit said a year! I’ve made many calls, too! Customer service every time that new systems to deceive me! Now, in June, they finally put up the new system! But all previous ID and data have been emptied! How hateful! I hope brother Wang helps us to take advantage of Internet legal means to help our webmaster breathe out! Everyone came and blew the hot spot! Hot spot is the most shameful advertising alliance! Those who have been deceived have come to charge me!

this article from Juicer which brand good zzj51/ webmaster original, A5 starter, reprinted please indicate the source.

well, the above is the author to do Taobao customers for six months, Taobao customers will have to go to these 3 places of some views, hope to be 2011 to do Taobao guest novice bring some inspiration!


three, sh419 index: sh419 search volume index is the search keyword statistics user "every day, every month, every quarter, every year the tool, sh419 index statistics and sometimes not allowed! Sometimes a keyword search volume in the first row is unlikely to have sh419 index shows these days! Do the station’s largest feeling is there are some competition and the key word is not some profits of the product, so that Taobao customers most failed not wrong, but the wrong key. There is also the most noteworthy thing is to choose products, but also pay attention to seasonal, something winter sales of good products, spring and summer can not have very good sales,

recently, the author has built several Taobao guest single page stand, and the author’s deepest impression is that every day wandering in the "Taobao alliance, Taobao, sh419 index" between the three. From the selection of products to keyword selection, there is a new understanding. And know that each step can not be missed, if ignoring the simple steps may be Taobao off the biggest flaw! Realized actually Taobao blue off is still waiting for us to recognize the development! There is always insist! Well below we talk about some ideas I have to the 3 places on the Taobao

two, taobao, taobao? We are not in the Taobao alliance in selecting the goods on the line? In fact, as shown in the Taobao Taobao alliance is the guest of the promotion of goods quantity and the sellers joined the promotion. We search in Taobao, the main reason is to grasp the mainstream trend of future sales of goods, perhaps in the Taobao alliance show that the promotion does not mean that in the future can play, and get good development!



, a Taobao Alliance: as we all know, now the Taobao customer competition is very fierce! From the previous flood navigation station to the now popular use of single page SEO promotion windfall commodity, a lot of people actually do a single page for head broken and bleeding! Taobao off the most important is to choose the product. Like what weight, breast now basically is saturated, the novice is difficult to have a good place! See below, the author in the Taobao alliance in selected product categories screenshots! Product categories and types of mass after the terrible number of goods can’t we find we want to promote the products of


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