Do Taobao passengers also beware of black heart shop owner13 venture projects from Techstars Demo Da

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Taobao customer correspondence strategy: long-term concern about their own products and shops promotion.

1, owner of the black list: because the purchase process, the vast number of Taobao can not control. So some shopkeepers take the initiative to contact customers. Save the Commission by buying new links.

2, take the initiative to communicate with the owner, installed customers and shopkeepers chat. suggestion: you can ask for a discount to see if there will be any small action.

2, real-time question and answer platform Poptip

in addition to Taobao customers similar to the winning orders, there is no effective statistical system, their own cognitive and other details are not good. Recently discovered also has the shop owner aspect the reason.


website: https://s.10sheet/

2, the owner changed links: probably because of the replacement, the previous product offline. Because there is no background Amoy notice function, also cannot find the problem. If you are careless, you do a useless job for a long time without knowing it.

is reduced but the Commission, Amoy without notice! So if not income changes not always back off from Taobao data, you don’t know a problem.

Poptip claimed as "the most intelligent and advanced online quiz platform, to achieve interoperability of its existing social network platform, allowing people to any individual or group questions through the platform, and get the most timely reply — even a real-time effect. For businesses, they can easily and quickly initiate public opinion polls at Poptip, get immediate feedback and analyze results, thereby contributing to the effectiveness of social media marketing. Poptip currently supports users registering through Twitter accounts, and will later be interoperable with Facebook accounts, and its home page super large character gives a strong visual impact. Poptip’s founder, Kelsey Falter, was only 22 years old, and she got a $640 thousand seed fund from the start of the project.

3, the owner temporarily change Commission: admission that this is a very uncomfortable practice. Mainly in Amoy hot products, a huge impact.

believe that many do lose weight guest, must know the Green Week " green vegetables and fruit weight " the highest, up to 50% Commission, to the guest the money had more than 40 W. Just last month, I found that the Green Week has already reduced the Commission to 1.5%. It’s only a few bucks!

famous American business incubator Techstars, this year’s third Demo Day kicked off in New York. As ever, the 13 projects will be displayed in houses packed with investors, industry analysts and media people. What are the latest projects today? And what will be the killer? Let Xiao Bian take you to understand.

website: poptip/

3, online publishing service provider Marquee

passenger corresponding strategy: 1, choose Amoy hot products, such as 30 days of sales volume.


I do Taobao off for a long time, during which I do have to say Taobao customer is failed second auction account was burned after finally back for the five single return one single, you are purchasing products interested friends can see my site, now I am trying to do this. During the Taobao customer, look back on the go too much, there are many online friends and I like to do, before the Taobao customer is very excited, thought must be good, use Taobao to make money, but in the way, most of them fail, and the failure of a disaster, I don’t list. After that, I corrected the promotion methods and operation ideas: I changed my mother’s account and switched to the straight chain. Although I don’t want to admit it, the effect is actually much better.


in the so-called "re invented the bookkeeping method" of the 10 Sheet, small and medium enterprises users can submit invoices, bank statements, etc., as feedback, users will receive a full financial report. 10 Sheet operation is very simple, users only need to register online to provide security bank excuse, then personal invoice by the snapshot or Fedex submitted to 10Sheet, the rest is 10 Sheet operation completed. In order to provide users with more personalized service, 10 Sheet registered after the user will be assigned to a New York based bookkeeper, who not only help users to account, but also promptly answer the user’s questions. In 10 Sheet, confidentiality is the highest standards, all the data are encrypted, and not having to save the user’s Bank seal. 10 Sheet monthly fee is $69, the small and medium-sized enterprises and start-ups attractive.

1, online accounting service 10 Sheet

contact: [email protected]

Taobao guest corresponding strategy: when the customer and the shopkeeper communication, the truth is not reliable, give up! Good shopkeeper is more, this house can’t, we change. At the same time, the majority of Amoy is carried out by the feeble way, some out posts can not update, also can cause the promotion of income reduction. < >

4, non professional owner: not online communication, long-term non online.

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