Reduce website jumping out rate, let website have more repeat guest


runs a website most afraid of is not back, I believe you all will have a deep feeling, so the webmaster will want your site can be more loyal to the website, can visit the website again. But the fact often lets us be disappointed, when we analyze and find out the website jumps out rate to continue to rise, can discover the user does not have the interest to our website. Why would our website jump out rate so high? This one actually contains a lot of factors, now I come to the analysis of the data based on years of experience to share, why our website jump out rate is so high, and some corresponding solutions.

first: irrelevant construction of the chain, deceived the user’s browsing


chain is one of the daily work site optimization, but many owners blindly believe the chain made the more the better, no matter what platform to the top one or two, fully implement the "big net fishing" policy. This approach is often one of the important factors that lead to a high jump out rate. Why? The author for example, for example, our website is dedicated to help people register, but I’m in seowhy and other webmaster platform wantonly do the chain:


Seowhy in the face of the user is to optimize personnel, people would have you think that the chain direction is what they need in a web site, the result was found to be a no relationship and optimize the website, the first choice is of course will click the upper right corner of the fork, close the site, which no doubt will improve our website jump out rate.

& & solution: in the construction of the chain, we must pay attention to the relevance of the chain. We usually collect the chain resources, the chain platform to select and match the keywords of this website, even if the platform weight is not too high, but also can well increase the effective flow of our website, reduce the rate of jump out. Change friends chain is also so, many change related website friend chain, so that can be very good to the user from friends chain site guide to our website.

second: advertising popups must conform to the user experience,

now more and more websites, in order to gain profit, will insert one or two advertisement alliance’s codes on the website, among them is not the code, is the advertisement pop up form appears on the website. According to a survey, in fact, 70% of users are extremely disgusted with advertising popups, and this is one of the reasons why the site jumped so high. What should we do to let the site jump out of the lower rate, but also to advertising popups for the website profit?


& & solution: advertising popups must conform to the user experience, I suggest that you try to close the pop-up page sound, this can effectively improve the speed of opening "; we should learn some large websites practice at the same time, set a good ad >

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