2009 super rookie Enterprise Station SEO experience

          there is a reason for saying that he is a super rookie. I graduated major in mechanical design, since access to the Internet since 2002 stay up countless, always thinking of building their own website, but so far we don’t know the establishment of a static page, in the end what the code is a complete page, not to mention what those who understand the code of ASP, PHP, ant like, as code optimization can only be estimated is the next life. My greatest teacher is Baidu…

goes to business:

last year at a friend’s invitation, I helped him to do a simple German Shepherd Dog Products Station, because they do not know any code, can only continue to bother Google and Baidu, hoping to find a most suitable website management system requirements, and for more than 3 weeks, is the mainstream several ASP program, home is a mess, (does not conform to what I want the page arrangement, so I called out, if I would call what they say, or do I want any template, a CMS can meet my requirements), finally, no way, looking for a dynamic, the most positive there is a new product called the bulletin boards, video, slide show, QQ online chat, the main product is can scroll, this is my station page layout ideal for enterprises (the lady who don’t laugh.


said, "yes, actually, it’s a change. I can only change the company name, product name, and so forth to the text I want. Other things are not contained in the mouth."

later friends bought Baidu keyword, a few months down to pick up a lot of business, because it is professional operation of the German shepherd dog, the object is rich people, profits or can. I didn’t take care of that station, either.

in February this year, my dictionary more than SEO, can make the seemingly natural ranking in front, is that I did not dare to think, just search for a keyword, jump out of millions of web pages, this is not our level, think over their position, I have to practice a eighteen years. Finally could not resist the temptation, I left the website address in a SEO forum, want to let the expert advice how to optimize, the blow, (all that this is the most simple page code, super chaos, useless code super, the reader interested can see that by the blow www.csvkennel.com/demu2 program at this address. I suggest I use the div+css home page template, but also static, and so on, when the article changes the views, and some also leave contact information, say thousands of far away can help do templates, help optimize.


is a super rookie, I’m going to try to do it myself from these suggestions. It’s impossible to optimize the code and change the template. I won’t do it at all. Because the site does not have any natural ranking of keywords, it has always been pushed by Baidu

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