The wisdom of the king – talk about the success of A5 webmaster network

is usually more than standing, many people on the Internet called Wang’s webmaster profession, brother is not strange. Even if you do not know the king, and very few people will not know its founder Admin5 webmaster network. The author is a loyal user of A5, but also very concerned about the field of grassroots adsense. Figure Wang and his A5 webmaster nets is undoubtedly webmaster profession model website, is a banner of Adsense group.

today to talk about what is A5 this website is so webmaster favorite, graph king is wise, A5 is a grassroots oriented entrepreneurial website, since it is a grassroots oriented website, from where there must be some sites and other sites, is for the elite, some websites for children A5, the grassroots webmaster is a special group, graph king’s success or because he grassroots webmaster to accurately understand, there are many details of the place graph king hold very accurate. Let’s talk about it.

low cost, high income

Wang, I don’t have much contact with him, but it gives me the impression that he is a pragmatic person. I can say that the cost of A5 in many places is very low, and the website programs used are open source. Many unnecessary costs, A5 never go too much.

I think of a web site in China. The site was created after a celebrity resigned. It cost hundreds of millions of dollars to build. It costs so much and has less influence than a5. This is the wisdom of grass roots, grass roots sometimes more powerful than the so-called elite.

A5 is a low cost relative to other sites, not to say that the A5 is stingy, just more clearly what the king is important and what is not important. In the course of the choice, the king is very intelligent, and this is also a grassroots webmaster I was born to devote to the Internet business should learn the most things.

The diversity of

profit model

, "pioneering media", often explores the profit models of Internet companies. Most entrepreneurs also have a headache for profit models. And the king in this respect can be described as a master, you say A5 profit model is what? Estimated that you will not say half a moment, but you can certainly A5 is a profitable many sites. This fully shows that the king is not rigidly adhere to a certain profit model, and many entrepreneurs like to adhere to the point. The king not letter and figure this evil, all the things can make money are willing to try, which is good to do what.

can say that the domestic registration fee forum model, A5 is the most successful, of course, this is only a lot of A5 profits point. Other, such as trading intermediary, advertising sales, Adsense buy, soft Wen promotion, etc., A5 are doing very well. If let a rigid person to operate A5, he will be very stubborn, just go to drill a point profit, he dare not so let a hundred flowers bloom. Of course, the result is that he will not have such a strong profitability. And these are really the wisdom of the king, he knows the ability to adapt as a grassroots webmaster.

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