Tell me about my 024s website experience

since the registration of local specialty Pinyin domain name, found that in fact, some of the more good expired domain name, or is not difficult to register. Then I noticed the international domain name that was about to expire. To register or to buy an international domain name such as.Com, and preferably in a foreign service providers to buy.

first,.CN domain name a few years ago too much, a lot of garbage sites, so search engines such as Google to.COM a bit forward; second, domestic domain name service provider international domain name 1 times more expensive than abroad, people feel that the use of the visa credit card to’s website to purchase the domain name is very convenient. Just when the repayment time, a more "purchase foreign exchange" steps, but still quite convenient.


spent a few days buying a from name where USD8.99 thought the domain name was ok. Spent two days, the original campus information network re modified, bound, and finally built a Shenyang life information network. Modify the code, after the completion of the project, submitted to the site, manual collection, optimization ranking is also a very headache heavy work. Here first write a soft Wen hair in dry bean curd, have no use, write first.

brings up this category information, all the code for the site, and an interesting experience. About half a year ago, I started planning to make a classified information network and earn some advertising fees. After reading a lot of classified information network, there is a kind of network which is not very attractive, but it still looks very pleasing to the eye. It is a network of information in Beijing, so I try to contact the owner of this website. It turned out that the owner didn’t know what was going on (whether he was drunk or ONS was caught by a cop) and was very rude on the QQ, even though I kept reminding him of "quality."". Finally, he said, "100 thousand, do not sell to me website source code".

I rely on, this is Sina or Sohu network code ah, incredibly 100 thousand do not sell? I did not scold him, but also angry, but I want to find a hacker, all of his source code down. In the evening, from the Internet to find two specializing in the invasion of stealing station hackers, asked about the price, seems to be 1000 yuan, this price is still within my plan. The hacker said he would scan the website first to see if he could succeed in stealing the station. About half an hour later, the hacker online to find me, tell me this is "good" (think twice, or the name of a little hidden about it) website servers in Beijing, not to engage in (near Olympic games he might also dare not move a server in Beijing, oh). I asked him who he was, and he said that he was a bit of a celebrity in doing this, and then he searched with Baidu, and that’s true. That person basically sells the website source code on the net, why can’t that relatively simple classification information website code sells to me? Can only use two words to describe, he is really a strange person. < >

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