What have we paid and what we have gained for the website

, webmaster friends, ask yourselves, what did we do? What did we get? What did we get?

I am a college student, a freshman in career, is now the third, learning, I first make a report to you: no term will fail the exam, to the Counselor’s office for more than 20 times, I paid what visible website! Not only that, on the side of people’s eyes I just do not I do not know hard, and parents for website quarreling about how many times, each time with their parents after a quarrel, I will reflect on: to build a website, website is worth? Can adhere to


pay is the largest, because the site, I broke up with my girlfriend, her reason is: in my eyes, the site was more important than her. And I was thinking that she does not support me, I also often maligned evil, this woman may really not suitable for me, part of


believes there is more than I do more webmaster! Can we get from the site what? Money? Right? No, what woman? We did not get, we only get the traffic flow. Some people say that money! Is it really? Flow through advertising can be transformed to ask money but, a webmaster can ensure your site absolute stability? In other words; what we didn’t get through the website


for the website we pay too much, and very little! Give up, efforts were in vain, for many years to go, more will be cast to the wind; we pay, the pay will be harvested?

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