Google Coach how to guide management thinking on values

wearing a loose T-shirt, holding a laptop, Dengzhe stuffies "technology home of the Google suit, hair every day, carefully dressing Li Dongshuo, so no Googley". In an interview with the start-up, he also brought in 2 different suits and 3 shirts of different colors.

, a double graduate in computer and law, joined Google AdSense in 2008. His ambition is to be one of the best professional managers in Google. He loves reading more than 30 thousand books. "I read a lot of management books systematically."."

Li Dongshuo is GTG (Googler to Googler) China’s highest scoring Trainer (Trainer). In April 2013, he was selected from the Google global sales team of more than ten thousand sales, Best Sales Manager (this award only ten employees). Participants from Google worldwide gathered at Mountain King headquarters to discuss and share with the founders and executives the successful experience of leading the team as a sales manager."

"we used to think that being a manager in Google, we had to be very technical first.". But after a long period of data analysis and interviews, we found the first one: Be, a, good, coach (to be a good coach)." Especially in the Google business cooperation unit (Adsence), technology is not a narrow range of technologies.

How does

become a good coach? He thinks it’s like selling. The staff will be used as your customers, you have to ask yourself, really understand them? You have explored the depths of their needs? You can help them to better understand yourself? "He said, for me, has always been an important belief, that will enhance the experience and skills of staff in the process, and his occupation career and personal dreams together. "Because this" ascension and transplant "occurs at the same time, people tend to be more passionate."

Google many employees are people with big dreams. Some people say they want to travel around the world in the future. Some colleagues say they want to do something like NGO, which transcends business… I think it’s very nice. The important thing is to find the connection between this dream and his current Google job and the Google career."

called "dream build" is to help all concerned realize their dreams. It’s like saying Sun Haiping doesn’t have to be a hurdle winner, but he can make Liu Xiang a hurdle winner." Li Dongshuo believes that this is a empowerment process, "a team leader is not the ceiling, but should become the team’s floor."."

"At the moment, Google is leading a new kind of management thinking, called lead by values (guided by values),"

says. And while Li Dongshuo was trying to be a good coach, he said it was "Valley"

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