Analysis why Alexa data favored by the webmaster

Alexa from the date of birth has attracted much attention, at least the webmaster knows it, and some webmaster is also very concerned about the Alexa data, such as Alexa ranking data, access data, etc.. Why do the webmaster still pay attention to the emptiness of the Alexa data?.

ashes class webmaster will not forget Alexa some of the earliest features, from inception to the present function of the new concept, we have been concerned about the data Alexa brought us. Not because of the special data, but because they are too mediocre, but only a partial statistics. Many people will ask: why don’t I pay attention to the web site, but also concerned about the Alexa data, why I can not focus on my website conversion rate, but also concerned about the Alexa data? The answers are in fact their own webmaster psychological. We break through the psychological line of defense and dig them out. In fact, a "virtual" word is enough to reflect the reasons for the existence of Alexa.

guilty – I don’t have any other advantages,

website operation for several years, but did not get actual returns, I believe that most of the webmaster is lost money in the station, although this money is only domain name and space money. Everyone wants to find a buyer to sell their own station, how to persuade buyers? Their stand no selling point, no features, what to give buyers to look at? Data? What data? Alexa?. Yes, a large part of the Chinese webmaster are addicted to digital games, with these data, with the Alexa ranking, you can take it for granted that: B very cattle. And we also know, brush Alexa ranking tools everywhere.

station virtual – site is not famous, you can take Alexa to say

SEO some Adsense uses the ranking out to prove their existence of strength, I also believe that they use the search ranking technology makes its own website with infinite flow, high conversion rate, wide profit point. There are some webmaster is to use the website reputation to fudge some advertisers, or "net down" (network consciousness backward) to invest in themselves, in order to extricate oneself on the project funds start difficult. Alexa ranking has become a flicker of the speech object.

product virtual – character is too bad, use Alexa to cheat investors money

I have seen a Guilin network company hired a so-called SEO master (06 years of domestic SEO consciousness is not mature) to do the general manager of the company network subsidiary, finally let him to run the project, but his real strength I sigh: a network even do not understand when people could the general manager, all the time is spent in manufacturing Alexa data, proud to say how much the boss for money, investment, said that the number of investment, and finally come up with many foreign boss what fudge that thousands of thousands of certification. (it all suits the beginning of SEO’s entry into China, and SEO is in

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