Rookie site like King

today, I realized what a "grassroots webmaster" is".

unconsciously, I have done grassroots AdSense for nearly two years, but I do not know, I can count as a real webmaster.

rookie: 96 years after graduating from junior high school, my mother sent me to a technical school, learning latheman specialty. After graduation smoothly assigned to a city machinery processing enterprises. Six months later, because they do not like to leave their own. From the construction site of the laborer, to market vendors selling vegetables, vegetables to the hotel handyman, went on to 2002 and finally mixed the enterprise of small white-collar workers, but also for the first time to contact the network, also know a noun at that time: surfing the internet.

first site is in 2005, because of their entrepreneurial career began, the company’s Web site is essential, then in the construction site, bought a template construction enterprise website, and then out of control. Busy with work during the day, busy in the evening network, not too happy to shout, and then have the idea of building a portal.

this site was made by a professional Internet company and it cost several thousand dollars. Busy for a year, initial success, but the Internet company to me to pay second years of service charges, said my station is’ station ‘, rather than’ programming ‘website ownership owned by all. Depressed one, then decided to throw away that station, and for this love dearly for a while. No website, empty heart, no work during the day, so decided to do the station again. As the saying goes, so, this time will not be directly to the web design company, you must first understand the market. So, from the Internet to find the program had just launched a network like Chen, communication, I made the first purchase of his program, he also because I guided the establishment of the China alliance to fight off. Since then, Shijiazhuang began to fight off network normal operation, hundreds of Yuan began to network career, let me awake a lot.

After the establishment of

website, it is necessary to maintain, but I do not understand programming, and even PS will not, how can the web page maintenance more beautiful?. No way, had to bite the bullet and ask for help to the Internet to download the wrong person. The helplessness and hardships in this, all of their interpretation of the network of enthusiasm and preferences.


website, for me, is a luxury, I never thought, what time can I fight off the net to earn money, but all think what type of website, more suitable for me, more suitable for everyone. Some time ago, Shijiazhuang crab fly cross network segment network across the network, I was looking at his station, mouth said: "I never thought we have this piece, there is such a talent.". After the happy, in the brain has a molding idea, makes a community forum, the name calls "we this piece", therefore registers domain name (, starts to plan "we this piece, the life community".

I don’t have technology, but I have ideas. I don’t have money, but I’m passionate. I don’t have a team, but I’ll eventually. I’ll stick to it

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