How to do a good job on their website, do stand a year experience.

my site is at the end of August last year on the line. It’s been about 8 months now. Friends who probably came to A5 often know that I also sent several articles in A5. Through these articles also made a lot of enthusiastic friends. Here, I would like to thank A5 for grassroots webmaster provides such a good platform. Also wish A5 better and better, let more webmaster income.

, let’s get down to business. I remember when I opened it, I was very excited. Every day I stare at the website and feel like my own child. I can’t tell the joy of seeing it. Then I send my address to friends on QQ and MSN, and let them play on my website. Watching the flow of the website rises day by day, I feel a sense of achievement. Not long after such a day, the number of visits to the site is growing, and the speed of the website is beginning to slow down. I’m sure I can’t go on like this. I’ll contact another friend of the utopia, hoping he can give me space. Unexpectedly, this friend is very forthright, and a promise. I was very grateful to him and helped me solve my difficult problem. Within a few days, my web site was officially relocated to this friend’s server. Much faster, a look at the server configuration, the 8 core. OMG, handsome.

saw the growing web site, I can not say happy, my mood is also growing. Go to Baidu post bar, Baidu know, PCPOP forums, ChinaRen forums and other places to advertise the site everywhere. At the same time also go to some web site navigation station, log on my website, and some websites exchange friends chain. Before long, my website’s PR value quickly changed from 0 to 3, which had to be a good news.

but I found the website traffic good times don’t last long, suddenly stabilized. Basically, there were no major changes. I realized that the site might still be in development, not many people knew it, and the domain names were pretty long. ( I started looking for solutions. In order to enhance their visibility of the site, can only go to Chinaz, A5 such Webmaster Station, send some high-quality articles can.

my job is a programmer, so writing has always been bad. But for the development of the website, I had to sit down and study my predecessors’ writing skills. After some time, I began to publish articles on A5, unexpectedly I passed it. I’m excited too. Through this article, began to have some webmaster plus my QQ, ask me SEO skills. I also know.

life may have been restless. One day, I found my website couldn’t be opened. I worried, please contact my friend. After a series of twists and turns, he told me that their server IP was blocked because of the non recorded web site on their server. I think as long as the station friend, must know this thing. Is a period of time that the Ministry will close all without the filing of the site, get a jittery, jittery. >

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