Analysis enterprise website how to choose the appropriate keywords

in the Internet has more than 4 years, in the process also met some very strange business needs, some companies want to do a good job of several websites (the content is basically the same) to reflect their company’s strength, there is the site to do more atmosphere, always afraid of the high cost and the maintenance workload is too large, etc. people very tangled. So a good decision to give leaders a clear idea of their own ideas and insights to show a leadership, choose a feasible plan, so that our work is not so passive, in effect is visible. Seoer is also an active mind, learning and improving himself. Understanding has reached a new level.

every enterprise has encountered such a situation, after the website construction is good, how to choose the appropriate keywords to promote?. This is a lot of business confusion, the reasons are:

1. industry more hot keywords have been large enterprises or predecessors have already passed SEO or bid to do the front, the index is relatively high, in the short term can not push to the front, even if you can push to the front. You should pay tremendous effort, the cost is quite high.

2. do not know how to select keywords, do not have the professional staff to do this thing by intuition leading the corresponding keyword to do, the boss, no matter whether the key word flow. Even some key visits a month less than 10 times, do what, so suggest that you do not understand the sheep riffraff in an industry, first understand the industry related information, a preliminary understanding of the industry, the relevant forum where everyone in the chat what, what is hot in this industry, only have a certain understanding of the industry, in conjunction with the company’s products, selected relevant keywords. Search from Baidu search, look at this keyword search in Baidu. And see the advantages of the website ahead of you. If the competition is too big, I suggest not to choose such a keyword, but the keywords do grow tail keywords to do, the difficulty coefficient is much reduced, around each keyword to do some long tail keywords, less effect than the fierce key difference. Because of the fierce competition of keyword light, Baidu bidding on the display of the first eight, and later add Wikipedia, Baidu know and so on, you want to put a more hot keywords to the home page, indeed the difficulty coefficient is too big.

3. for entry into the new industry SEOER staff: not too much understanding of the industry related content, the boss of this industry has a certain understanding, but do not understand SEO this piece. So you have to communicate effectively with your boss and know what your boss expects of that piece, and SEOER will come up with a workable solution. Be clear about what you’re going to do. List, and you’ll know exactly what you’re going to do. How to test the effect?. Let the boss make the choice,

in an enterprise station construction, on-line promotion process. There are a lot of things that can happen, Baidu doesn’t last long in search engines

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