Bo Fu Station effect extraordinary

"Bo Fu Station", the effect is really good.

at 11 on March 13th, I just built the Sina blog on the Internet, there are only two original mood diary. I can be included in the query blog at 7 this morning, did not hold much hope, because the two websites that I set up a model is, a small secretary, rich in content, submit Baidu spent nearly a month to included, so when I query to two log I have been included, and some can not really believe.

why is blogging easier to include than websites? I thought carefully, and this question is not difficult to answer.

                one is now the station is too much, especially one yuan of registered CN domain name since the birth of a lot of garbage station, the investigation of Xinzhan Baidu are relatively long, so generally take 1 months. Many webmaster have such experience, that is, Baidu basically a week will be included in the website home page, but from now on has never been below, this is Baidu in review your website.

           ;   two is Sina blog, heard that Baidu is included in one of the best blogs, and dispatch blog also heard good. There is my luck to catch up with the updated period Baidu included, it is said that Baidu evening update time is more frequent, every month on the 11 and 26 have a big update arrival. Plus my blog is original things, so again proved that Baidu included content based, length to about 100 words, because long, let you feel not original. I hope this article will help new webmaster.

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