Digg type website should start from large to full, or small and dedicated

foreign Digg development is very influential, domestic websites most love imitate foreign ideas, but had found no big institutions and team to run the Digg website, digg is really not suitable for

China conditions?The

website provides Digg open source program is very much, but with open source website also plays only provide a tool, and did not bring other contributions to the development of this pattern in the China. Because the content of the official website of the open source program is also lacking in Digg interaction, or that the content is collected, it is not digg.


and a small team in the operation of a Digg type website, is fun www.94hw.com, currently just passable with their operational experience, I mainly want to discuss the Digg station today is from large and small and specialized or focus of. If inappropriate, welcome criticism, correction.

(1) the late domestic Digg station is mostly from a large and full start,

in my last article on Digg, it was mentioned that the dead or living Digg stations in China are all from the big and the whole. Content is almost all inclusive, have a huff and puff, the world’s posture. Because they see foreign Digg is what ah, and has become a news source.

talks about the development of foreign Digg and why it can be a source of news. That’s because it does have an exclusive list of where these exclusive papers come from and aren’t collected everywhere. If it is collected, it does not have its unique value. Its unique value lies in the early training of a "share" atmosphere, indeed, digger has delivered valuable articles to all parts of the world. For example, even Sina, a Sohu reporter, can’t be able to report anything happening anytime in China, because they need someone to give clues. While Digg users all over the world, may be a lonely island, but can surf the Internet, random in their side of things, they will not go to the Sohu Sina newspaper material, but the first choice in the Digg submission, then the Sohu Sina reporter at the earliest found only in Digg, this is the news source.

just because Digg has become a news source, it has its present value and receives universal attention. But can the Digg website become a news source in China? Maybe, in fact, the end of the world authorities should do the research in this direction. Because of the strong end of the world, the end users are often explosive news or hot source. Just BBS concept and image of the world has not changed, can not be represented as Digg, perhaps the end of the world can not see the official Digg model, because now the world is not Digg, live as good as ah. But I want to say "generation after wave >"

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