My website two or three things from PHP development to do webmaster summary

I do PHP development, contact the site has been a good many years, and in the university has done several stations, but there is no patience to go on, ha ha.

company recently quite free, so take the time to myself to make a stand, just on the line soon, many places are not perfect, Baidu also included the home page, but I did not go to, because I have not finished the function key. Here would like to mainly want to say I do some of the station, of course not necessarily right, ha ha, purely personal opinion.

1, site positioning

this is the first step in doing a website. First of all, consider what topic you are going to be doing and what you want to do. QQ station fire two years ago, I also made a DNF related sites, hang GG also earned a little money, but later optimized too Baidu K, and I did not go to manage it.

according to the current trend of Internet development, to do e-commerce or industry site is a good choice.

e-commerce is developing very rapidly, of course, our personal webmaster resources are limited, it is impossible to perform similar to sites where customers, such as excellence, but we can choose a small area to do, such as novelty, Home Furnishing supplies, all these have to go to a lot of research.

is another industry, industry actually is, to small, small, we can only do a small place (of course must first ensure that there is enough netizen) industry station, such as XX real estate network, network building materials etc.. I think it’s good to be a healthy station at the moment. What I do is a website for health. It’s called "fashion slimming net". Of course, as the article says, "I just started doing it, huh?".

now the Internet has been a great development, the webmaster’s personal ability is limited, do not think today to do a NetEase, tomorrow to do a Sina, unrealistic.

2, site program selection

website, of course, need to use the program, and now if only just HTML site, that’s really "god man".


website has a lot of options, such as DEDE, Empire, and the Kang Sheng series. I contend that I choose to be familiar or easy to use. Of course, I chose DEDE at first. The beginning is used to find it easy to use, but coincidentally when I change into a company to the company’s resources site also use DEDE two development, so now I have been with DEDE products, two times faster development.

new words, I also recommend the use of DEDE, or a reason, get started quickly. Of course, it also has some disadvantages, when the data is large, it will be slow. The right thing for you is the best, and you can pick the fastest one out of the beginning.

3, promotion optimization,

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