Talking about the discourse right of training website in enrollment

is a kind of intermediary agency to provide services to customers in the middle, it itself does not directly provide services and objects, but it can be for customers to find and arrange the goods or services for customers to choose and decide. Because the network breaks the time and geographical constraints, the characteristics of fast, timely, convenient and comprehensive intermediary line has incomparable advantages, in recent years, different types of the third party website service providers began to occupy various industries, such as trade intermediary B2C, provide the real estate intermediary real estate website, provide marriage intermediary the dating website, provide all kinds of training sites and tutoring website, provide marketing services Witkey website and advertisement alliance, to provide occupation intermediary recruitment website, legal website provides legal intermediary, provide intermediary service studying……

from this point of view, any entry into the vertical industry site, more or less will undertake some intermediary tasks, play the role of intermediary, but some are not obvious enough. The intermediary is the two sides together, through the communication between the two sides to bridge the profit from this way is essentially based on both sides do not trust, but once the two sides have put aside such trust based intermediary, the intermediary is undoubtedly a white busy. I also run a tutoring website and a training site, a few years down the deep understanding to the intermediary difficult, in fact, intermediary fees arguably is as unalterable principles, but because there are some industries borers let society only know the existence of black intermediary, ignoring the conscientious agency. Therefore, how to master the right to speak in the intermediary services, and to win this respect is essential for the intermediary.

because of the more familiar with the training industry, the training school network management the group purchase website analysis, we are faced with the school and students two people, our goal is to make the price through the group reported large quantities of student registration, we get a commission from the school, access to a large number of students, so as to achieve three win, in theory this is a big success, such a closed circle will cater to the needs of all users. But the actual point of view in the operation there will be many unexpected problems, such as small institutions to pay less fees, directly bypassing the site will be part of the commission directly back to the students, or students with schools not to refund fraud site consumption and so on, because this society has a lot of bad faith, if it is because of this we white busy. In order to avoid these situations, the author thinks of the following main points.

1, flexible variable charging process

for start-ups is not what credit accumulation, and the training cost is generally hundreds of thousands of students, to a payment on the site is very difficult, so we take the students online only pay the school to give us a commission, the line in the school at completion costs, in this way we don’t have to school and reduce settlement the school and the students’ transaction risk.


win over the training school

school focuses on recruiting students

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