Piglet user experience and web sites

recently started research on the user experience, it is important to do a website user experience, Shenzhen bookstore yesterday to go out of a few books, "elements" of the user experience is written by JJG, the user experience of foreign sponsors, I will often update my heart to learning and personal experience in the future.

said that under the first user experience and website, I also see the most basic understanding of the book knowledge, the user experience of the website is whether the user visit is what type of website, it is a self-help products, this station is not to read the user manual, no operation training, now many site with the customer communication system, make people better to understand a site, but the customer communication system is not every user will use, and design and thinking we will determine how the user experience.

JJG said in the website appears, the key to success is the first time the idea of the market, this on the YAHOO has been greatly reflected, many sites there will have to imitate YAHOO, the portal site began to use some of the new features of enterprise site just as station an outstanding achievement, is like a brand, not really the reception ability, but these are the site early, perhaps now in the network, especially the promotion of SEO, many enterprises began to pay attention to this point. Slowly to meet the user experience requirements.

Of course,

is now in the fierce competition in the Internet market, in order to deal with those who do first up the site, enterprise site began to emphasize the effect of personal characteristics as well as the characteristics of products, and strengthen the optimization function section, also want to show their unique site, so as to attract more people to the internet.

goes on like this, more and more enterprise starts to pursue the function and develops the new thing, often forgets the user experience, has not really cared about what the user really needs. If your site is not in accordance with their own meaning and the trend of the industry to do it, but to user experience as the center, the design and development of users need things, so that such a site will not fail.

uses his own words and combines JJG’s theory to talk about the relationship between the user experience and the site. Welcome friends who like to study user experience and user psychology, plus Q:390287101

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