Taobao will only be a flash in the pan

Ali mother launched Taobao off the system, the original intention of what is the purpose? In order to introduce traffic from other sites to Taobao? Or to earn the technical service fee commission? Should be both, but should be the main. But in the whole Taobao guest system development process, Ali mother do worse and worse. When Ali mother just on the line, CPT and CPC advertising to determine a lot of grassroots websites get hope, but also to many webmasters moved. At that time, Ali’s mother is good, the official forum are some thanks and praise Ali mother’s post. Due to the decline CPT and CPC advertising (mainly anti cheating technology not cause advertisers reduced, others GG, Baidu had so long did not see, mom decline) will focus on CPA, but in terms of CPA, Ali mother doing really bad.

one, the background system is not perfect, the source of income data opaque, so that many Taobao customers to Ali mom lost confidence. Ali’s mother is not said to be honest, but at least have data, this is convincing.

two, the system is unstable, the operation speed is slow, this is in these one or two months appeared, but did not see Ali mother in technical improvements.

three, in Taobao dispensers, seems to have no restraint. The shopkeeper of the promotion of goods adjust commissions and goods shelves, private goods sent no commission link to buyers and other issues, has not been resolved, which seriously damaged the interests of customers of Taobao, Taobao also hit the confidence of customers.

four, Taobao in the guest, mom no limit to do Taobao off conditions, who can do, the biggest maker of this will cause the entire Internet spam, bring great negative impact to Taobao. I believe that many are not treasurer from profit commission, but higher prices dominate the Commission, if all buyers know when Taobao off this thing, they certainly will not be extended from there link in, because links in commodity prices may be relatively high, this trend continues, many buyers of Taobao and the identity of the customer will Taobao above overlap, commodity prices are generally higher than the other shopping network. In this way, Taobao will certainly lose users, and eventually Taobao will give Taobao passengers to die.

five, Taobao customer promotion specification statement of overlord regulations, the more reflects Ali mother unreasonable. Such as: the domain name of the website contains "Ali", "Alibaba", "Taobao", and other names of the company of Ali, the whole or its core part of the Chinese, English and phonetic characters of the trademark. "Taobao guest" this name itself contains "Taobao" two words, do not give people home?. Although you have registered,, don’t you sign up for the domain name that contains ", Ali, ", Alibaba, ", Taobao? Does the law give you the right to restrict others?

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