These five tips will keep your blog readers

It’s not difficult for

to get a whole bunch of new readers for your blog, but it’s a challenging task to retain blog readers and improve loyalty. That is how to make the hearts of readers "I want to come back to look at the idea of? TechXav management team in the past few days on the issue of a headache, but eventually our hearts still have a clear answer. After a lot of reading and searching, we analyzed several successful blogs and summed up some strong experiences to retain blog readers. These tactics to optimize your blog could be very useful, at least, the most important is that we will practice in TechXav.

Why does

keep readers,


many bloggers only care about traffic and advertising revenue. Of course, this is a very direct idea. Yes, the final result of all is always traffic and advertising revenue, whether direct or indirect optimization. Personally, I think using existing resources (blogs, readers) is far more important than getting new resources (new access). Because keeping readers can increase traffic, reader loyalty, subscriptions, reviews and conversions,

I’ve read a lot of these things, but they seem to be hard to do. So do i.. You can easily find these optimization techniques in Google, but whether you understand it or not, I have to share 5 simple and effective methods of me with you, I think deeply after they are out. For you, this article is worth reading, it is worthwhile to these tactics into practice


common interest

, remember that bold sentence just now? That’s exactly what each of us expects. You’ll never get bored with writing interesting things, so please write more about what you like and what you really like on your blog. You are unique in character, but thousands of people have the same interest as you. You chose to read this article because you really want to know how to get your blog up the next step, and I want to.

I believe that the best way to improve the quality of your content is to use common interests, because they can produce a chord between you and your readers. You never feel tired when you write your favorite blog article, so it’s very easy to do. Remember this: a very enjoyable writing experience can make your article look better!

constructive design and design article

almost all of the articles on this subject have repeated a word called "characteristic design."". In fact, in this article, I prefer to use the term "constructive design" because it is the direct source of the effective function of blog design. In addition to originality and uniqueness, the design of blogs should serve content. There’s no need for you to hire a web designer to upgrade your design, and I don’t think you can use free or expensive settings

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