The sad experience of the first pipe station

first of all, I’d like to introduce myself. I’m a recent graduate. I have zero social experience and zero experience. Just before I had nothing, I went back to my hometown, Tengzhou.

              when we first came back, a lot of people were against, family, friends, people who care most about themselves. But I just want to own, want to know their society, no one’s help, not to anyone’s sympathy, girls should also be self tothrive female compatriots to breathe, is this kind of mood, I embarked on a Tengzhou job way. I was really blessed and lucky, my first resume issued a response, is to inform the interview I Xiangyu mall, with confidence to become a member of Xiangyu Xiangyu,, my job is responsible for the maintenance of Xiangyu website. I think the site is very good, after the website obsessed with things began to busy, Xiangyu online shopping mall is a newborn, has many functions to modify, optimize, promotion. The first site I do not understand a lot of places, it is very difficult to do, and sometimes in order to change a function, to check a lot of information. Since they have chosen this job, it is necessary to strive to do well, even if not quite understand, but also hard to do it, anyway, there is no retreat.

is to spend most of the time have to make themselves familiar faster after work every day to see the experience of others, have written records, home to think about what is going on in the evening, even if tired, never give up the idea, because I believe that I can I can do a good job. So, imperceptibly have site for two months, feel the time passed quickly, in their own efforts, Xiangyu website basically perfect good publicity, optimization, next is the site of the work.

                Web site friends know, the website optimization, publicity is now the first issue of the web site. How to make the site to get good rankings as my main work, we are selling products, the product soft Wen promotion became the first for me, a few days ago to see an old Xie in Admin5 published an article titled: 11 steps are soft, it is eye-opening people according to the old Xie, said, I began to edit the Xiangyu goods, each commodity we have carefully analysis, find out its unique, advertising language, research background, research information, technical content and so on, our best-selling products we also released to the forum, hard work pays off, less than half a month, the miracle appeared, most of our products are Baidu included.


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