Stationmaster talk about the development direction of video website

The development of

video website and the more and more high-quality service, let netizens gradually depend on the video website. It is convenient for netizens to find the video they need from time to time, so as to avoid the annoyance of waiting for TV programs. Although there are many original songs and dances show, but the content of such works is relatively small, it is difficult to attract the eyes of the majority of users. Today, most of the users who visit video sites are watching more excellent programs such as movies, TV shows and variety shows. The video website has the advantages that TV media can not reach: the content is wide, the classification is clear, and the search function in the video station is more convenient for users to find what they like. Basically, the mask comes up and you can search as long as you want to see it.

The powerful video websites on the Internet also have a great impact on the media, and the impact on the TV program ratings is the most direct

. In the past, people were afraid to miss one episode of a TV play, and video sites could easily solve such problems. The missed TV programs could be easily searched on the video network. The film and television publishers also cause direct economic losses. Is not easy to shoot a film, the first day of release, you can find on the website for second days. The netizen is very glad, publisher is not happy. They think people are watching movies online, no money to buy a ticket to go to the cinema to see the people, reduce the box office receipts, so regardless even before release trailers, Trailer… In… On the video website to spread, so that all the users looked again, and came, caused much desire, value affection, and ruthless held up the copyright issue. When there is a new film coming soon, you can still see a lot of publicity on the Internet. This does not know whether to collect money or not. If it is shared by users, it should not receive money. It is possible that the film dealer intentionally sent it to the internet. But when the film was released, there was no new movie on the internet. Feel a little pussy like video website. A few days ago, also saw because of copyright issues, many risk investment have fled video sites. It seems that video sites no longer have the potential and value of development. If it is really because of copyright issues and fled, then venture capital is really a batch of garbage, there are problems, difficulties, do not want to overcome, solve, and chose to flee. It is a +*** behavior.

of course, this is not no way to solve, since this thing exists, it must have its way of development, which depends on us to think about innovation.

the author here also puts forward some of his own view in this regard: video network and chip business, although there are contradictions, but they have their own advantages. If the business cooperation between the two, it will certainly be able to better serve many Internet users friends. The film is shown on the video site as well as at theaters. The site can set up a movie for a fee to watch, but the price is relatively low. In fact, the film business can think, do not go to the cinema to see people, not because the Internet can not find the appropriate film and ran to the cinema. I can’t find today, tomorrow, tomorrow, etc. the day after tomorrow, someday

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