Re read use human weakness nternet products (four) peep



[core tip] the world is full of snooping, big to the state, this violent machine using drones, prism programs and other naked peering, small to the surrounding individuals holding a mobile phone to view the people nearby.

three years ago, the geeks park has a series of Internet use of human weakness observed in turn from the article, "greedy" and "lust" and "vanity", "peep", "lazy" in terms of clearance of a variety of Internet products how to make use of the weakness of human nature to promote and advance.

after three years, Internet products have become a general term, in addition to narrower Internet products, it also includes mobile Internet products, wearable devices as well as the rise in recent years with the Internet thinking to re create the hardware etc.. In the past three years, although the Internet product definition is broader, the weakness of humanity has not been made up. This article re read the fourth series: "peep".

curiosity exists in human life. When I was a child, everything in the world was unknown, and all the questions and curiosity around me became the most original motive of prying eyes. As adults, the curiosity of privacy was preserved even after adulthood. Therefore, it can be said that as long as the human frailties still exist, prying into the privacy of the surroundings will never end.


Behind the

screen, we all have a curious curiosity about privacy,

when the Internet era and the advent of the mobile Internet era, this kind of snooping around becomes more convenient. So, what are the new ways of snooping around in these three years,


quietly focuses on

, who wrote a blog about Sina three years ago, is now almost turned to micro-blog. Because the more fragmented, users are more likely to leave their words and actions in the network, after a long time accumulation of your habits and character at a glance, for love into people around is a big treasure.


and Sina, micro-blog, there is a convenience for other people, "depending on the evil," you thousands of functions: quiet attention. If you have noticed that an acquaintance has been quietly watching you since the other person accidentally touched you, then you must be looking like that. If you’re scared now, try the slot. It’s probably the most intelligent and convenient way to clean up micro-blog (except by rumor and by a small secretary).

note: depending on the evil, the most frightening thing in the era of social interaction, from one to another, thousands of people, even tens of thousands of micro-blog / mood without leaving any traces.

check out nearby

, as mentioned at the beginning, because of human nature, each >

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