Now, is there a quiet forum for Xiamen fish

Ma Yun once said: "the era of Internet users has passed, the era of network operators has arrived; · · · · · ·


is a blend of more than 5 years in the forum arena, is to admit this sentence distressed. On the one hand, I hope things like the forum can maintain the initial simplicity and tranquility; on the other hand, I change the forum as a professional consultant myself and use the forum as an Internet product and network tool.

we go into the forum and know that the forum is essentially a social, interactive, two-way media. We understand that the steady flow of the forum does not depend on non thematic relationships – can be summed up in ideas or values, and that the most stable flow depends on the business we once hated. BBS is also a way of e-commerce, though BBS is not the ultimate solution. The upsurge of SNS can be regarded as the retro and new understanding of social network.

OK, to analyze the Xiamen fish Forum:

one, look at Xiamen fish Forum:

1 and the fallen ALEXA told me: "the flow of fish from Xiamen is amazing.". I have compared fish and similar Hefei Forum (, and the curve of small fish is on it.

2, rational analysis tells me that fish is basically a lack of commercial content forum, integrated forum for the largest popular sector. Compared with the Hefei forum, the fish plates are not plentiful enough, and the content is neither professional nor extensive.

The development of

3 and small fish in 5 years is not rapid, including commercial immature factors. Compared with the commercial development of small West Temple, West Temple clearly wins. This is one of the disadvantages of popular and grassroots forums.

The forum mechanism of

4 and small fish forum is "official standard" or "spirit leader standard", and my feeling is that latter is the latter. The invitation code of the little fish forum prevents me from further research.

5, resignation door for moderators of the loss, the other moderators can tolerate, but also because of commercialization. Imagine concentration camp Baijia MM moderator is willing to leave


two, small fish forum moderator event, people interested in a few points:

How are the moderators of

1 and 90% organized? – – it is said to be related to the offline activity —walk.

2, the new Xiamen fish altar can become the original fish nirvana,


3, the BBS fish BBS out whether this recovery,

?The famous saying of

Buddha is: "not to speak.". Wait and see.

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