Personal webmaster should learn to do what is good don’t deviate from the track

many webmaster in the early stage of the idea is very good, but with the development, perhaps not smooth, perhaps too smooth, and then deviate from the original set of track.

or else it’s better to die than die, or die instantly

sometimes is not because the opportunity is always their own bias, then lose confidence, no fighting, they blindly complain, go to complain, complain about friends in the heap, also complained on the net, when one day complaining has become his habit, not only get the sympathy of others, others will be completely give up, lose the trust of others, so the vicious spiral.

sometimes is tasted the sweetness of the moment, so arrogant, dizzy with success, think big with pride, he has embarked on a new track, to create a new world, and the fact that he also had to rely on the original resources, development on the basis of the original, this time he often forgot the original hard at ease, forgot to stick to their principles, no patience, in disregard of basic construction, one to the interests of the hands of chocolate chase, finally finished, found himself standing in midair crumbling rocks.

recently said everyone in the wing fly, I have been concerned about him, but I did not pay attention to his station, but his insistence, he has two kinds of circumstances I said above, I was tired of his complaints, as said above, complaining will only have a vicious spiral. He also has to ignore behind the infrastructure, to tell the truth, 5 years of time, even if a no technical webmaster, at least some of the basic operation site should be perfect down, we looked at the evaluation on his site is not ugly, if not good, this performance even if he do things off track.

finally, I can not just say others seem very own reason, I am also a person often deviate from the track, the above two cases is that I often make, for the immature is often accompanied by the above two kinds of symptoms, we do not forget, why to do, what is their own good, what is your main do. Don’t blindly follow the trend, we played a few years website people should understand this truth, as I think more content construction, editing, I should focus on this aspect, if I do be absorbed in their own good, it must also be able to subvert state do yourself. Maybe I am not good at selling, then the website sales should let others do, and if I always participate there is useless, but stop the development. I’m not good at digital management, so I don’t waste so much time looking at numbers. It takes me half a minute to do something, but I’m exhausted.

so, in fact, each of us should have their own good, we just need to take their good side to play the most incisive is good, but not good at we can learn to do, but don’t focus on it, we should learn the rational use of resources, master is not necessarily what are good, no master what may have their own "

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